The Role of Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund in Civil, Human, and Migrants Right Advocacy

Civil, human, and migrant rights advocacy have helped thousands of the disadvantaged persons who may not have a chance to voice out their problems. Both national and international groups play an active role in fighting for human rights through the creation of systems, raising awareness, encouraging tolerance, and helping people in realizing their rights. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter

The international migrants’ rights advocacy has been weaker in the past compared to the other advocacy issues. However, the migrants’ rights advocacy in the United States is on the rise after issuance of new deportation rules, which sought to arrest and deport any irregular immigrants in the country.

Understanding Human Rights Advocacy

The sudden increase in the incidences targeting refugees and migrants in the country brings out renewed energy from the human rights advocates. The advocates seek to uphold the migrants’ rights and provide t services that they require such as legal guidance or provision of basic needs.

The government has an obligation to protect the universal human rights of the refugees and migrants. However, most states have shown their inability to fulfill these obligations resulting to the involvement of human rights defenders in filling the gaps and defending the human rights.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

In the past, the human rights advocates have held the government responsible for the human rights violations and helped in transforming the legal systems in response to the violence against the vulnerable groups. One such incident happened in Arizona on October 8, 2007, where the Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio arrested Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

The two co-founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media had revealed the existence of grand jury proceedings covering the County Sheriff. The release of the New Times story online saw the jailing of the two journalists by the lawman.

However, Larkin and Lacey sued the county and prevailed in the case resulting in a $3.75 million settlement. The two journalists who have spent their career life defending their human rights used the income to launch The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund aimed at supporting the civic, human, and migrant rights. They also have interests in promoting the freedom of speech and public participation in Arizona State.


Various national and international groups usually fund and support the human, civic and migrants’ rights in the country. The human rights advocates works have seen the restoration of legal protections for the vulnerable groups and promoted awareness among them.

This has helped in reducing the prevalence of the hostility among the women, immigrants, or children.

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How Richard Blair Can Help You With Financial Planning

Richard Blair is currently offering financial services that are currently offering its clients opportunities to protect, grow, and manage the assets that they own. Clients are finding resourceful advisers and partners in the company’s founder of Richard Blair. Richard Blair is qualified and experienced with a vast array of certifications, including CES, RICP, CFS, and CAS. Wealth Solutions is an advisory firm that is specializing in investment and financial planning. It’s based in the capitol city of Austin, TX and is operating as an RIA firm.


Blair is operating his business under the belief that everyone needs solid plans to provide themselves with opportunities of achieving their financial goals. He is aiming to arm the capitol city of Texas by offering retirement planning and wealth management services to anyone who seeks the services that he provides.


It allows firms to discover clients’ financial circumstances rather quickly, as well as their needs of retirement planning. It’s easy to develop holistic plans that are customized for every client on an individual basis.


Pillar one is designed specifically to assist clients with building their financial road maps. It consists of identifying the strengths, risk tolerance, goals, and growth opportunities that they have. By having a clear understanding of where clients are coming from, it’s very easy to assist them with forging great road maps of financial planning to follow.


Pillar two is utilized to develop strategies that are based on long-term planning. They specifically meet investment needs of each client. It’s specifically tailored to each client’s needs of liquidity and goals of investments. Richard is currently in the midst of reallocating and managing assets so that he’s capable of achieving maximum levels of performance for each client’s portfolios for when markets are suitable, while simultaneously reducing impacts that occur to clients’ investments during periods of negativity in the markets.


The third pillar consists of determining clients’ goal while establishing strategies that will achieve them. Richard Blair ensures that insurance needs are met.

Blair’s decision offers advice and financial services to small businesses, individuals, and families, as it was largely influenced by the teaching background of his family. His mother and grandmother both taught and he was able to witness how teaching had impacts of developing their confidence while simultaneously increasing their knowledge. Together with his interest in finance, Blair had started his company in the year of 1994 so that he could successfully serve clients in the capitol city of Texas. His firm is continuing to provide objective and unbiased advice to every client without any conflicts of interest. He’s gained immeasurable skills and knowledge that are allowing him to impact financial advice and knowledge to clients who are enabling them to potentially take part in developing their investments while meeting their needs of retirement.Learn more :








Sam Tabar: The Man with a Knack for Investing and Leadership

Sam Tabar is a legal and financial professional based in New York City. Sam attended the University of Oxford where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors. Sam proceeded to join Columbia Law School where he pursued a Master’s degree in Law. He acted as the associate editor of the Columbia Business Law Journal while he was a graduate student.

Tabar started his career at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP after being admitted to the bar in 2003. He consulted hedge funds while at the firm and advised on several matters such as side letter, compliance, agreements, and hedge fund formation and structure. Sam entered the financial sector in 2004 when he joined PMA Investment Advisors as a managing director. He was influential in the creation of hundreds of investor introductions and in aiding it to raise a billion dollars from investors.

Sam worked at the company until 2010 when he joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch as the head of capital strategy of the Asia region. He is credited with growing the firm’s rolodex to include more than a thousand investors.

He returned to the legal sector for a brief stint in 2013 after working in the financial industry for many years. Sam Tabar was hired as a senior associate at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. His role comprised of working with the hedge fund clients that the firm retained until he left in the next year.

According to Bloomberg, Sam Tabar was appointed the chief operation officer of the FullCycle Energy Fund in December 2015. His role as the COO is to oversee the fund management strategy of the company. The fund was started in 2013. It invests in projects that recycle waste and convert it into clean energy.

He was appointed the chief financial officer of Awearable Apparel last November. He is also a venture capitalist and was an early investor in Tribute, Verboten, and Thinx. Thinx empowers women around the world through its unique hygiene products. Tabar is active on social media. He often posts pictures of his travels.

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Fabletics Offers Clothes Off Their Site for the First Time Ever

Since the beginning of the company, the only place that people were able to purchase their Fabletics outfits from was the Fabletics site. This was great for the company but it did not allow them to reach their full potential. They wanted to be able to offer more and to do more for the customers that they had. For that reason, they set out to make sure that they were reaching all of the customers possible. They wanted to join a new platform where they would be able to show off the opportunities that they have to people who do not visit their site.


The most logical option that they could come up with was to join Amazon. They would offer their clothing options and the outfits that they create on the Amazon platform. This was something that made a lot of sense to them and gave them the options that they needed to be able to have while they were doing more with their company. It was also something that allowed them the chance to be able to reach more people. They would be able to have more customers and would also be able to show them that they could do more for them. Amazon allows them to offer quicker shipping options than what they had in the past.


Because of the reverse showroom style of selling that Fabletics uses, they are only able to offer people a few outfits to choose from. This is great because it allows women to not feel overwhelmed when they are looking for the perfect outfit that they can have for working out. It is something that they will need to make sure that they are continuing to do while they are selling on Amazon and that they don’t offer too much so that people start to get overwhelmed.


One of the things that women should still do no matter where they are shopping from is take the style quiz. The quiz will allow women to choose between the options that they have and will give them all of the chances that they can have when it comes to the different things that they need to do. It is the best way to ensure that you are getting a great outfit that will work well for you. The style quiz is an essential part of any type of Fabletics outfit that you are buying.

Leading Charity Organizations Supported by Betsy DeVos and the Husband, Dick

Betsy DeVos assumed her new post as the United States of Education becoming the 11th person to ever hold occupy the office. Betsy is an iron-willed lady who’s spent most of her adult life fighting the course of others, notably, children from poor backgrounds. Her strong affiliation with the Republican Party in the US and her passion for introducing reforms in the private school programs in the nation must have played an integral role in her selection to the top cabinet slot. She, and the husband, Dick DeVos, get most of the credit for the massive overhaul of the Michigan educational system in the nineties. Check this related article from

Iron-Willed Reformer

The mother of four and grandmother to five came into this world on the 8th January 1958 in Holland, North Michigan. Currently, she’s worth an estimated $5.6B in Forbes Magazine as of March this year. She started formal schooling at the elite private school called Holland Christian High School before proceeding to the equally upscale Calvin College in Grand Rapids the posh Holland neighborhood in Holland. The parents were remarkably well off and she lacked nothing growing up.

Betsy DeVos Lifetime Contributions to Charity

If Betsy wanted, she could have chosen to retreat to the private billionaire cocoon and live out a wonderful and stress-free jet-setting and yacht cruising lifestyle. But that’s not her personality: This woman has a huge heart of using her great wealth and influence to make a real positive change in the lives of the middle class and poor people in any society. As of today, the power couple, the Devos siblings and their parents have dished away a whopping $130+M in the last twenty years. Here are some of the organizations which received sizable contributions directly from the philanthropy kitty of Betsy DeVos in the last three years according to Round Table Philanthropy:

  • Loudspeaker Media Inc.
  • The Partnership for Educational Justice
  • Success Academy Charter Schools Org
  • GREAAT Schools Inc.,
  • Potter’s House Private School
  • Alliance for School Choice
  • Foundation for Excellence in Education
  • Institute for Justice
  • The School of Missionary Aviation Technology
  • The Rollins and the Calvin College
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Xprize Foundation

About Betsy DeVos

Today, Betsy Devos spends a lot of time running the day to day affairs of her tech startup, Windquest Group. This company specializes in innovation in industry through tech and above all else, it strives to be a leading clean energy solution provider in the future. The company has survived and in fact thrived over the close to thirty years, it has been operation. The DeVoses are famous for their love of the performing arts. Moving ahead, the couple hopes to step up their efforts to change the American educational system and make it competitive again on a global scale.

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