You can organize an event in NYC and still be stress-free

Organizing an event in NYC can be incredibly stressful. It does not have to be, though. Not if you follow these quick tips.

Be organized and make lists — Your first step should be to create a master list of everything that needs to be done, and sub-lists for guests, catering and a shopping list for supplies. Mark things off it as soon as they are done, and you really will feel like you are making progress.

Create pretty invitations — Every guest loves to get an official invitation. Create pretty ones yourself with elegant card and a calligraphy pen.

Do you have a theme? — Theme parties are the easiest to organize as everything you need must fit into the theme. Why not go with a British theme with mince pies, sherry trifle and wait staff dressed up in Union Jack clothing? Or an Orange is the New Black theme with everyone in prison garb?

Self-serve drinks — Greet your guests at the door with a tray of already made drinks, or a tray with the ingredients to make their own. They will be in a great mood five minutes after arriving, and ready to have fun.

Serve simple appetizers — Complicated appetizers are expensive and can take hours to create. Keep your appetizers to just one or two ingredients, and make them stand out by making them look pretty.

Cater to the children — If you will have children attending your event, be sure to include them in the fun. Set up a special table with games, coloring activities and special food.

Simple place settings with a splash of color — Keep your place settings simple. White is good, as you can brighten each one up with a splash of color.

Party favors for everyone — Even if you are organizing an elegant exclusive event, guests still enjoy leaving with a party favor. A small gift in a beautifully packaged box, or a candle in a colored glass will help them remember a lovely event as well.

Save time for yourself — Remember to also save time to get ready yourself. Light some candles, run a hot bath and relax before your guests arrive.

Still feeling overwhelmed? — If relaxation seems beyond you, however, and the idea of organizing a large event by yourself seems impossible, why not look at hiring one of the excellent corporate event planners in NYC instead?

Event planners like Twenty Three Layers, one of the best event planning companies in NYC, and one that can organize your party from start to finish.

If you need someone who can choose the right venue, find the perfect singer to entertain your guests, pick delicious food and gorgeous floral arrangements, then Twenty Three Layers is the perfect company for you.

Call them and arrange a meeting to tell them all about what you will need.

Blue-Collar Raised Rick Smith Streamlines Correction Industry’s Efficiency

On June 23, 2008, Rick Smith was installed as Securus Technologies’ CEO. Smith came to Securus Technologies with an impressive background peppered with success in the telecom, finance, IT and business development fields. Only three years into his tenure at Securus, Smith had successfully led the reduction of the company’s debt by $25 million. This feat that was ahead of the schedule set by the indenture agreement, better positioned Securus’ balance sheets for future investments.

His goal was to position Securus Technologies as a one-stop prison management system by developing tools and programs that provide value and service to prisons. To meet the goal, the company invested $600 million in direct investments into technology, and developed patents geared to improve communication and prison management and workflow platforms. The tools were designed to support Securus’ customer base: the inmates, their friends and families, law enforcement and prison administrators. Read more articles at

To support the inmates, Securus Technologies provided innovative communication services to inmates and their friends and families. For example, Securus Technologies updated the current communication technology used for inmate visits by installing video visitations. This allowed inmates the ability to Skype with friends and family. Another useful patent developed was a video mail system that allowed inmates to record and send video messages to friends and family outside of the facilities.

Securus Technologies has also invested in information management platforms that are geared to make prison administrator’s work effective and efficient by simplifying the work flow processes. These tools include inmate real-time monitoring and tracking devices.

Law enforcement officers have also used Securus’ tools. Call databases have been used to obtain vital recordings that have helped solve a broad range of crimes. Other tools introduced by Securus include the recently patented “identical conversation detection method.” This tool recognizes when inmates make conference calls illicitly.

Interestingly, Smith came from humble beginnings. Born Richard A Smith in Buffalo, New York to a blue-collar family; Smith’s father was a high school dropout who worked at a Chevrolet factory. Growing up, Smith saw hardship in his community; he saw how family’s struggled to make ends meet. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, a Master’s degree in mathematics, and an MBA, Smith climbed the ladder that eventually landed him at Securus where he has worked hard to lead the company to its current successes. His upbringing helped him develop sensitivity to the plight of the inmates and their families who he recognized as being resource constrained.

Rick Smith Securus has amassed patents in technology that will be used to enhance inmate accessibility to family and friends as well as streamline the work of administrators and law enforcement.

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