Finding Your Business Doe Deere Style

Doe Deere is one of the most well respected makeup artists in the world today. Her makeup line, Lime Crime, is highly respected for numerous reasons, and countless people love the fact that this brand continues to shape the way women are expressing themselves and showcasing their makeup beauty. The brand continues to change the way women see makeup because of the color schemes and the way Deere puts women to the next level and gives them so much freedom.


If you are like Doe Deere and want to find your own passionate business, you can do it the same way she did. She took her ideas and brought them to life, and anybody can follow in her footsteps. Take these ideas and tips to help you build your very own business.


Businesses are oftentimes drawn from your passion. Write down a list of some of the things you are genuinely passionate about. There’s got to be at least five different things that you know you could talk about for hours, or even several things you know a good amount of information about. Every person has that thing they find passionate about, and there has to be a few business ideas within these interests.


Once you know where your passions lie, it’s about finding a plan on what to do with your passion. Find that business you could build upon. Sometimes, it’s almost always right under our nose and we already know what we are looking for. You need to see what gets your mind thinking.


A business plan is the final plan. You could find a business plan online that shows as an example the things you believe you can do with your business. You can showcase this to investors and receive funding. You could also find new unique ways to start off small. If you can build your business from your own investment and start off tiny, then you know for sure you’ll be pushing yourself to move forward.


Doe Deere barely had any money to her name. Her brand started from scratch, and if she could do it so can anybody else. Find out what you’re passionate about and see in what route you can accomplish so much within that realm for a business. Doe Deere is an incredible woman to learn from, and her inspirational story is one worth reading because of her insight and unique approach to business.

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