Securus Technologies Keeping the Threat of Drones at Bay for Prison Facilities

Securus Technologies has finally a found a solution to the issues caused by the illegal and mischievous use of drones to transport contraband items inside the prison. The new drone detection technology by the company would ensure that no drone goes undetected and that the corrections space continues to remain safe and secure. Securus Technologies has promised to develop the technology to its fullest potential further.


If the use of drones is not stopped to supply contraband packages to prison, the inmates will continue to get whatever they want with ease, irrespective of the tight security they have at prisons. In many of the prisons, the inmates are even found to have knives and guns, thanks to the deliveries done through drones. The drones are a highly useful ethnological invention, but the criminals are using it to deliver illegal items inside the prison, and it must stop if the corrections space has to remain safe and secure. The law enforcement and corrections agencies have been trying to find ways to prevent the menace caused due to this new air supply route opened by drones. However, nothing seems to be effective so far.


However, the drone detection technology by Securus Technologies has changed all that. The drone detection technology, even if it is in its primitive stage, has shown quite promise as a full-fledged technology that is capable of stopping the drones from entering the prison space. As soon as the drone enters the perimeter covered by the drone detection technology, the corrections officers would know who would then immediately move to neutralize the drone and seize any contraband item it might have. Such technology would ensure that drones are no longer a threat to the prison. Thanks to Securus Technologies, the drone detection technology would soon be available for all the prisons to install and use.



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