Organo Gold Coffee Culture – More Than Just a Cup of Joe

Cultural movements don’t really get steam until they’ve been adopted for a while and then the public takes notice. One week you might see two people with the same backpack and the next week you won’t see but one or two without it. That’s the case with the Organo Gold Coffee Culture and coffee culture in general according to an article on The coffee culture is alive in American whether it’s going to Starbucks every day or making your own cold brew. Some people get really into the bean while others just want that caffeine fix.

Organo Gold swoops in and fits right in with that culture especially that of the Northwest where coffee is an experience and taken seriously. Some people would say they are more into coffee in the Northwest because of their gloomy weather and overcast days.

They don’t allow you to just order a regular cup of Joe in the Northwest. They want to know the type of bean you want, the strength, and flavors. There are locals there who make coffee that they’ve spent years perfecting. It’s with this commitment to greatness that Organo’s owners were inspired to create coffee products that fed the need for greatness. They use an ancient Chinese mushroom called Ganoderma Lucidum in their products that help increase energy and support the immune system.

There are so many different choices you can choose from and Organo aims to please by providing premium coffee that comes with an additional bonus. The ability to make money cashing in on everyone’s love of coffee. In addition to multiple flavors of coffee Organo also sells teas and dietary supplements.

Equities First Holdings-A New Way Of Lending

Equities First Holdings strives to use alternative methods to assist their clients in lending them the money the need. They are doing so by offering stock-based loans. These loans are not like your ordinary loan. A stock based loan will range between a 3-4 percent fixed rate, and your loan to value ratio can range from 50-75%. With these factors, it is significantly easier for a consumer who had a problem qualifying for a credit based loan.

Equities First Holdings offers the consumer a chance to obtain loans collateralized by stocks. The company’s mission is to offer the highest profits for a minimal risk in order to reach the personal professional goals their clients have set for themselves.

The company includes offices all over the world, currently holding offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, Perth, Bangkok, Australia, China, the UK and the United States. Their headquarters’ are located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Change Makers- Dick And Betsy DeVos Make Hometown Proud

Working together, Dick and Betsy DeVos make a great pair. They are both huge Republican donors and have a passion for educational reform. While Dick was working for his family’s company, he found out about a new sports and convention center planned for the area. Even though he was on the track to becoming CEO of Amway, he took the time to rally against those plans because he truly felt it would be detrimental to the city.


Grand Action Group


After making some phone calls, Dick soon found out that he was not the only business leader in the area that was against the proposed plan. With the others, the Grand Action Group was formed. They worked tirelessly trying to get the plans squashed.


DeVos Fortunes


Both Dick and his wife come from money. Their families are both rich and the couple are respective heirs to their family fortunes. However, they love to use their money and popularity for more than lavish lifestyles. The duo works to change policies in the area of Grand Rapids, Michigan and around the country. Their charitable and political contributions have paved the way for a lot of changes in state laws, labor and educational reform.


Betsy DeVos is currently the Secretary of Education for the United States under President Trump. She has a passion for school voucher programs and educational choice. Together with her husband, they opened a charter school at the Grand Rapids airport in 2003. The school started with under 100 kids the first year. Now, there are thousands enrolled in the charter school and they come from all over the county to attend.


The couple has worked hard to try and expand the option of school voucher programs in their home state of Michigan. In 2012, Dick DeVos was able to get Michigan to change from an organized labor state to a “right to work” state. This change means that there is no longer a requirement to join a union for employment.


DeVos To Join FAA On Their Top Citizen Board


Ever since Betsy became the new Secretary of Education, Dick has been travelling to Washington to see her. Now, however, he will have another reason to fly regularly to the state. Dick DeVos was appointed to the top citizen board of the Federal Aviation Administration. The board is an advisory counsel made up of private citizens who will help the senior management of the FAA. They will be able to voice their opinions and concerns on a variety of topics such as how the spending is managed, fixing regulatory issues and helping to change aviation policies.


Each citizen that gets appointed to the FAA board will serve a term of three years. During their three-year term, they are still able to commit to their private and public positions. The board usually meets every three months to discuss any changes that need to take place. The counsel is made up of 13 members and is the perfect position for Dick DeVos. He has a love of aviation and is a seasoned pilot.


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Dr. Jennifer Walden Speaks To Her Patients On Instagram

Social media is an ideal way for doctors to reach out to their patients. A doctor can use social media in order to help highly important medical terms, provide evidence of their background and training and other issues. One doctor who’s found social media a useful tool is Dr. Jennifer Walden. Dr. Walden is one of the nation’s leading plastic surgeons. As a woman in a field largely dominated by men, the doctor knows that she can offer important insights about the concerns that many women have. She’s chosen to do so via many media. One of the favorites is Instagram. Instagram is a great way for her top provide personal information about where she’s going and what she’s been doing lately. She loves to help patients understand why she can help them look and feel better. It’s clear her patients agree with her decision to post on Instagram. With many followers, she’s attracted a huge audience. In doing so, she’s provide lots of useful help that many people find interesting to them personally.

Her account here has over two thousand posts. Many of her posts focus closely on specific issues that many woman face as they age. For example, in one of her posts, she’s demonstrating how to address leakage that can impair a woman’s ability to function. She’s also demonstrating how she trains her staff to work with her at her medical practice. Her posts highlight her own commitment to excellence in field of medicine. She’s not only an expert at what she does. She’s also someone who wants to make sure to pass on her knowledge to others in the same field. Teaching others to share her personal passion is a process that she’s been doing for many years. As a girl growing in Texas, she was always interested in natural world and the world of the sciences. The world of teaching and medicine appealed to her back then. Since that time, she’s continued to demonstrate her desire to expand the boundaries of medical science and make it possible for other women to feel better.

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What are the Freedom Checks? Is the Whole Thing Legit?

If you have been carefully listening to radio over the past few years, most likely you have heard a discussion about Freedom Checks by Jack or Ricky from Banyan Hill. In their discussion, they describe how people around the world are getting their share of billion dollars as a payout. These payouts are known as the Freedom Checks.

Are they a scam?

If you search for them on the internet you will find many results informing you that the whole thing is real and you can get money out of it. It is a marketing strategy that is meant to excite you to go for that opportunity.

What are the Freedom Checks?

This term comes from Badiali, which is based on a real investment tactic. With Master Limited Partnerships as an investor, you will be paid the returns out of the money you invest. Investing in Master Limited Partnerships, you will be buying units of an organization whereby you will get returns back based on the performance of the company

The organizations that offer the Freedom Checks are Master Limited Partnerships. The companies operate in the storage, processing, transportation, and production of gas and oil. Their work is to explore new gas and oil wells, transport them across the pipeline network and later refine them.

For an organization to qualify to join the MLP, it must pay out more than 90 %of its returns to investors. There are more than 568 organizations issuing this either quarterly or monthly. These distributions from MLPs are similar to the normal or traditional inventory or stock dividends. They are treated as returns on capital and therefore investors do not qualify to pay taxes on them.

Buying shares or investing in an MLP is like buying shares in other companies. And just like any other normal dividend, you will receive your distributions by email or it will directly be deposited to your brokerage account.

Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Are Real After All. In conclusion, there are no Freedom Checks that is not a scam, but you can make a lot of money if you can invest in MLPs. You only need to be very careful.

For the love of the music

Alex Paul was born in Westchester, New York. He started djing at the age of 15 yrs old and he worked at local clubs and events which gained him local popularity and notoriety. Although gaining local success he still thought of djing as his hobby with no endeavors to become famous within the music industry. He begin to feel as though dance music was not being paid the proper homage in the djing industry. He realized that he could bring the proper homage to a genre that he had such love and passion for through his own platform.

Once meeting Drew who is the other have of his band and band mate “The Chain Smokers”, they really had a good chemistry and decided to team up and become a duo. His talents as a songwriter and pianist have contributed to the work and success of his band “The Chain Smokers” who rose to stardom in 2014 with hits like “Selfie”. The hit rose on the billboard charts and became a breakthrough composition. In 2016 Alex rewarded his accomplishments by acquiring a stunning home in the Hollywood Hills. His home boasts luxury and comfort while embodying all the joys that nature has to bring. Life has brought some of Alex’s greatest passions full considering the fact that music initiated in his life as a hobby.

The band “The Chain Smokers” has allowed Alex and Drew to bring dance to millions of fans across the world. It has also brought a Grammy as recognition for exceptional body’s of work and although Alex doesn’t feel like his job is work at all, he is recognized and appreciated for his contributions to what dance culture has evolved into today.

“The Chain Smokers” have added an element to the djing culture that has not been there by taking step from behind the booth. They have given their fans a face to put with the music that is so beloved.

Fortress Investment Group’s Extensive Experience In Financial Industry

In 1998, Randal Nardone and his colleagues who were both Wes Edens and Rob Kauffman made a general resolution and erected Fortress Investment Group which is an asset management firm. New York City became the first place it situated its headquarters because in 2014 it developed several offices in areas like Singapore, Shanghai, San Francisco and two in Asia. 2007 was the year when it became the first private equity firm company to go public by being listed in the Stock Exchange Market of New York City. It has hired more than 900 employees in its offices and also, for the benefit of its investors it has adopted the use of risk-adjusted income strategy.

Providing Debt funds and private equity has been a way out by Fortress Investment Group to accomplish its core expertise in investment management. It also has experts to carry on the managing, pricing and possessing the physical and financial assets. Also, it has set up robust tools to extract the value directly from the complex investment to succeed in its operations management. Furthermore, proper management of its portfolio has contributed multitude in the success of assessing the operational, structural and facets speculating on the ground.

Over the years, Fortress Investment Group has been able to raise capable managers who can professionally administer the mergers and acquisitions. It has a pool of Knowledge and skills since it existence because by reviewing it co-founders career history, it very clear that these people served in top positions in their previous jobs. The companies include; Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Black Rock Financial Holdings and UBS and with the experience, they carried them along to Fortress. Another reason for its extensive experience in the financial sector is due to controlling and working with several portfolio firms.

In conclusion, as Wes Edens and Randal Nardone dedicated their life and effort for the success of Fortress Investment Group, one of their colleagues officially known as Robert Kauffman decided to venture his long life interest and that was after fifteen years of service in Fortress. However, 2002 was the year of its success due to the mega boost its leadership gets by two key players being employed. One of these two individuals was Peter Briger, who would later become a co-CEO of the organization. The principal reason why he was recruited was to spearhead the transitioning of Fortress Investment Group from a pure equity investment firm to become an alternative asset management organization.

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Talos Energy, An Independent Gas And Oil Company

Talos Energy is a company located in the Gulf Mexico and also at the lower Gulf Coast of Louisiana region. It has undergone many changes over the six years of its operation. Currently, it deals with advanced drilling techniques unlike when it was started. Such changes have increased the development, exploration, and exploitation of the resources. The company has achieved and increased its output because of the utilization of the modern technology and the extensive knowledge.

Talos Energy continues to produce energy, majorly from oil and gas. The company focuses on exploitation and production to utilize available resources that have been beyond reach in the past. The strategy of Talos Energy is to acquire, explore and exploit energy sources in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast by the use of seismic technology and applying geophysical, geological and their experience in the mining of oil and gas from the basin underneath.

The chief executive of the Talos Energy, Duncan, who is 45 years of age has done his best to ensure that the mining of oil and gas is maximized. The company strives to acquire more unutilized assets and resources in order to increase their production in the future. Talos Energy aims at using  strong team with technical knowledge in the field to assess and analyze more options to maximize the company’s output. The management of the industries also tries to allocate the capital required to invest in the implementation of the plans, which can effectively maximize profits.

The administration of Talos Energy has managed to build and sell two private equity banked industries – Gryphon and Phoenix Explanation. The two industries brought about significant returns to the investors. Duncan has done a fantastic job in the management of the company, and he has managed to sell 80% of this year’s output successfully. Duncan has negotiated with many potential investors on behalf of Talos Energy. The biggest asset of Talos Energy is Phoenix field, which is also known as Typhon field. Phoenix field is 165 miles from New Orleans. The output from this field has grown, and Talos has been reexamined and can now discover oil and gases 3000 feet underground.

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Neurocore Contribution In Mental Health

The brain is one of the amazing organs of the body that performs a variety of functions from adapting to our surroundings, a source of thoughts and reason, perception, and emotions. The brain is mainly made up of neurons that enable us to think, feel, function and process information that is both complex and simple. The brain has been researched on by many scientists, but it is crystal clear many mysteries are surrounding it and are yet to be revealed.

To help scientists understand the way the brain functions, essential technologies have been developed. Such technologies include EEG technology, which is a test performed to detect the electrical activities in the brain by using electrodes, brain mapping, and neurofeedback. To help scientists understand the functions of the brain and use this information efficiently, companies such as Neurocore were established. They apply the knowledge gained from studying the brain in order to treat major mental illnesses and disorders such as depression anxiety, ADHD, and ASD.

The history of electroencephalogram or EEG goes as back as 1929 when Hans Berger reported his first publication on EEG. His discoveries were remarkable and paved the way for significant advances to be made in the development of clinical neurology. His innovations and discoveries are considered by many globally as the birth of theoretical or clinical neurophysiology.

Other advances that have been made in the study of the brain is the discovery of Neurotherapy, also commonly known as neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is the act of using electrical measurements of the waves found in the brain to teach the brain how to regulate itself. It involves positive reinforcement, practice, and repetition that will ultimately help our brains to perform its functions more efficiently. This practice can also help the brain to eliminate or reduce undesirable brain activities. Neurotherapy is a key factor in the treatment of depression, mostly clinical depression.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers is a company that focuses on providing brain-based, data-driven, and assessment programs, which help both adults and children in improving their concentration, management of stress and also in sleeping. Neurocore is mainly based in Florida and Michigan where it has been operating since 2004.

Mark Murrison is the Chief Executive Officer of Neurocore and is closely working with Elyse Kemmerer White who serves as the Chief Science Officer. Rick Kuiper is the president of Neurocore Brain Performance Centers.

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The RealReal Continues Its Steady Expansion Across The United States

The RealReal was established in 2011 but its CEO Julie Wainwright. She has said that she wanted to modernize the consignment industry, particularly when it comes to luxury brands. Her company primarily sells consignment goods online but they recently also started to operate brick & mortar locations in a few cities. They have 9 million members as of September 2018 and annual revenues in excess of $500 million.

The items they sell are gently used luxury brands, although they do also sell some brand new items. In 60 cities across the United States, they can send a person out to the consigners home or office to pick up the item they want to sell via consignment. For people not in one of these cities, they are able to mail their luxury brand for free to one of The RealReal’s warehouses.

Once The RealReal has an item in hand they run it through an authentication process, removing any products that are not genuine. The product then has a photo taken of it and an expert assigns it a price. The consigning party gets 50% to 70% of what the item is sold for with the percentage going to them getting higher for more valuable items. The RealReal gets their cut of the sale and that is how they make money.

In order to get new members, The Real Real uses a number of marketing tactics. This includes hosting events, making effective use of social media, direct mailings, and targeted online advertising. They also now have two physical stores in Los Angeles and New York City. The pop-up stores have appeared in San Francisco, where this company is based, and in Las Vegas. These physical stores attract both customers and consignors to them and so serve as effective marketing tools.

CEO Julie Wainwright has her eyes on expanding The RealReal. This could include getting luxury goods from other businesses such as authorized retailers or even the brands themselves. It is also said that the executive team is looking at possibly doing an initial public offering.

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