What are the Freedom Checks? Is the Whole Thing Legit?

If you have been carefully listening to radio over the past few years, most likely you have heard a discussion about Freedom Checks by Jack or Ricky from Banyan Hill. In their discussion, they describe how people around the world are getting their share of billion dollars as a payout. These payouts are known as the Freedom Checks.

Are they a scam?

If you search for them on the internet you will find many results informing you that the whole thing is real and you can get money out of it. It is a marketing strategy that is meant to excite you to go for that opportunity.

What are the Freedom Checks?

This term comes from Badiali, which is based on a real investment tactic. With Master Limited Partnerships as an investor, you will be paid the returns out of the money you invest. Investing in Master Limited Partnerships, you will be buying units of an organization whereby you will get returns back based on the performance of the company

The organizations that offer the Freedom Checks are Master Limited Partnerships. The companies operate in the storage, processing, transportation, and production of gas and oil. Their work is to explore new gas and oil wells, transport them across the pipeline network and later refine them.

For an organization to qualify to join the MLP, it must pay out more than 90 %of its returns to investors. There are more than 568 organizations issuing this either quarterly or monthly. These distributions from MLPs are similar to the normal or traditional inventory or stock dividends. They are treated as returns on capital and therefore investors do not qualify to pay taxes on them.

Buying shares or investing in an MLP is like buying shares in other companies. And just like any other normal dividend, you will receive your distributions by email or it will directly be deposited to your brokerage account.

Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Are Real After All. In conclusion, there are no Freedom Checks that is not a scam, but you can make a lot of money if you can invest in MLPs. You only need to be very careful.

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