CEO Steven Ritchie Ensures Papa John’s Stays Successful in the Pizza Market

Steven Ritchie has been the CEO of Papa John’s Pizza since January 2018. As the new CEO he is committed to making Papa John’s the best pizza restaurant in the business. One thing that Ritchie has been doing since his tenure at the company began is getting to know his employees. Papa John’s is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. However, Steven Ritchie has been traveling the country to figure out from first hand experience what his employees think about their company.

Knowing the perspective of his employees helps Papa John’s to become a highly successful organization. This is because their knowledge will help Ritchie to figure out the best way to run the business. Ritchie can use this information to improve the production and delivery of the chain’s pizza. He can also figure out what the customers are really looking for when they step into a Papa John’s pizza shop.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s grew in Papa John’s. He joined the chain back in 1996 as a customer service representative. From this position he started to move up. Ritchie first learned all of the positions within the franchise. He learned how to make pizzas, how to interact with customers and the best way to deliver this high-quality pizza to customer’s homes.

Ritchie also learned how to operate the business side of Papa John’s. He eventually became an assistant manager before managing his store. He hired and fired employees, made sure the store’s financial records were in order and he established relationships with suppliers. Ritchie knew about everything within Papa John’s. If the pizza ovens went down, he knew how to repair them. If he could not get them repair himself, he called on somebody who could.

Ritchie’s approach to Papa John’s allowed him to own his own franchise by 2006. By 2014 he became Chief Operating Officer of the organization. A year later he became the president of the organization. Ritchie’s experience and dedication will help the company to develop globally and to improve the company’s marketing brand.

Steve Ritchie current approach with his employees is very important because Papa John’s plans on focusing on their employee’s efforts to make the company an even stronger competitor in the market. Papa John’s current and future success will be tied into the workers who operate the franchises all over the world.

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Fortress Investment Group’s Co Founder Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is one of the co founders of the investment firm Fortress Investment Group. He helped start up the firm in 1998 with fellow financial services professional and entrepreneur Wes Edens. Randal Nardone has a unique background that has helped him experience a successful career in financial sector. Randal practiced law for several years at a prestigious New York based law firm. During his career, he has served in top management positions for other investment firms such as Blackrock Financial Management and UBS. Over the last two decades, Randal Nardone has earned a substantial amount of money which has allowed him to be named to the Forbes list of America’s billionaires.

After finishing his legal education in Boston, Randal Nardone began working at top law firm. While working as a member of Thatcher, Proffitt & Wood, Randal spent his time serving as one of the attorneys. and stood out as among the top lawyers at the firm. Within several years, Randal would be promoted to the firm’s executive committee. At this position, he would begin demonstrating his leadership skills. While a member of law firm’s executive committee, Randal provided management and strategy for the law firm.

Nardone decided to pursue a career in finance after working at Thatcher, Proffitt & Wood for several years. Randal Nardone got his first experience in the financial sector when he joined investment firm BlackRock Financial Management. This was a new startup firm that was founded by Wes Edens. Nardone worked at this firm serving as its principal. This allowed him to get experience managing financial services firms.

In 1997, Randal Nardone joined another investment firm known as UBS. While working at UBS, Nardone spent his stint serving as the managing director. This position required Randal to get new clients for the firm as well as provide assistance to existing ones. Under his leadership, UBS remained as one of the top investment banking firms in the world. Nardone would then move on to co found Fortress Investment Group a year later in 1998. Once he co founded the firm, Randal became one of its principals and one of the members of its management committee.

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Jenniffer Walden Role In Cosmetic Surgery

Women are slowly taking the roles that were mostly dominated by their male counterparts. In the corporate department, women have embraced leadership of powerful companies, and they are doing their jobs so well. At the moment, some of the most successful and influential companies are being led by women who are hardworking and much focused on achieving their goals. The medical professional has also attracted many women. In the past, women could not complete their medical studies because of society expectations. Becoming a surgeon meant that most of them had to stay away from starting families, and this discouraged many who were willing. Jennifer Walden is an exception. While others are struggling with chores at home, the best cosmetic surgeon is busy changing the lives of her customers.

Jennifer is among the most influential women working in medical department. Her role in plastic surgery has made her very popular among her customers. The board certified professional has been trained in some of the best medical schools in the world, and she has served many people to the best of her knowledge. In her career life, Jennifer Walden has specialized in aesthetic breast, breast augmentation procedure, and facial procedures. People who have visited her clinic have received the kind of support they need to live a great life. Walden has also been fortunate to raise her family. In a recent interview, the surgeon says that her twin boys motivate her to work hard and even go a step ahead to earn more for them.

Apart from performing so many surgeries on patients, Walden has been fortunate to attend many television shows with the aim of educating people about the right cosmetic procedures she carries out. Jennifer Walden has also written various books in the past, and they have helped many people understand cosmetic surgeries even before they can make a decision to have.

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Gareth Henry Sheds Light on the Common Types of Private Credit

Gareth Henry, a seasoned investment advisor, articulates that private credit is an alternative form of funding investments that cannot secure the ordinary bank credit.

However, the financial market offers many kinds of private credit, making it hard for entrepreneurs to choose a type that suits their unique business needs.

Are you one of those entrepreneurs? If yes, Gareth Henry has scrutinized the common types of private credit to help you make an educated decision.

Typical Types of Private Credit

  • Mezzanine Loans

Mezzanine loans are a debt/equity hybrid form of credit. Gareth Henry proposes mezzanine loans for small and mid-sized companies with excellent growth potential. Moreover, the credit would be an attractive option for investors who need some capital to make mergers and acquisitions. The loans carry high-interest rates due to their unsecured nature.

  • Senior Loans

Gareth Henry commends senior loans for small and mid-sized companies that are looking to fund buyouts, refinance existing debts, as well as those that wish to expand their businesses. Unlike the mezzanine debt, senior loans are secured by the company’s assets.

  • Capital Appreciation Private Credit Funds

Henry recommends this type of private credit to entrepreneurs who are in dire need of funds, yet they are unwilling to give up the control of their company to the creditor. This type of private funds contains a combination of debt and equity-like instruments, and noteworthy collaterals like liens.

  • Distressed Credit

According to Gareth Henry, distressed credit is ideal for companies who cannot access other forms of financing due to a negative credit. In this case, lenders will offer to buy the distressed company’s debt instruments. Afterwards, the lender will cooperate with the company’s managers to formulate strategies that would improve the distressed company’s productivity.

  • Specialty Finance

Specialty financing is offered by lenders who specialize in a specific niche. In most cases, the finance firms help rapidly-growing small and mid-size companies who need funds to purchase equipment, purchase future payment streams, as well as those that wish to expand their services.

The financing firms collaborate with a team of specialists who help them meter a company’s future financial health before financing it.

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Alastair Borthwick Is More Like A Hero In Scotland

Alastair Borthwick is something like a hero throughout Scotland for all of the things he accomplished over the course of his life. Although Alastair died back in 2003, he is still remembered throughout the community as being a writer, journalist, broadcaster, and most of all a war veteran. Alastair was born in Rutherglen and started working at the age of 16 because he dropped out of school. Rather than focus on school, Alastair been working with the local newspaper company, the Glasgow Herald. It was during this time that Alastair started writing about the outdoors and the Scottish pastures, due to his own interests in hiking and the outdoors.

Author Alastair had an opportunity to work at a more prestigious news company in London, but he gave up the position due to the location, as he was more accustomed to the rural life and being in the open outdoors. In 1935, London was a growing city with major industrial growth, which made it a hectic place to live for Alastair. By 1939, Alastair was working on the radio as a correspondent. A few years after that, Alastair’s collection of works was published and released to the public, which was received very well. This book became a best seller throughout the region for its representation of the country.

More than just a writer or journalist on the Radio, Alastair Borthwick (@AlastairBorthw1) was apart of the Seaforth Highlanders as an Intelligence Officer throughout World War II. Alastair was able to see many different locations and countries during his time in the military, which eventually made its way onto the pages when Alastair was done with his service. In 1946, Alastair publishing the book titled Seaforth Highlanders, based on his own Battalion and time as an Officer for his country. Before Alastair died in 2003, he was staying at a nursing home in Beith.

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Papa John’s Is Making Changes For Customers Who Depend On Their Business

Have you noticed lately that the sponsor for the NFL has changed from the presence of Papa John’s to Pizza Hut? Do you know why they have changed from one to the other? What if I told you it was over the protest surrounding the National Anthem. When the protest began, the players took to their knees during the anthem and this caused a big commotion between the players, the NFL and even the businesses surrounding the football teams.

The problem with protests is that there is always going to be controversy surrounding the protest. It doesn’t matter if the protest is around women’s rights, sports or even businesses. For Papa John’s, the protest is not where the problem stopped. Following the backing of the protest, there was another incident which affected the business in a negative manner. However in order to correct the problem, someone had to be held accountable and for a business that employs more than 120,000 employees, they knew it did not matter what position that person held within the company.

As per Wikipedia, Steve Ritchie stood up and knew it was time that he correct the problem. He knows enough about business to know that damage control is very important if you want to be sure that there is nothing negatively holding back the business. The trouble however was already passed and the business was suffering from it.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s knew that he would have to come clean with the audience and customers to let them know that this mishap was not something that would be over looked. He stood his ground and made sure that people knew that the business was implementing changes to help counter react the problem. He hired people to come into the business and in a sense, clean house. They would offer insight on how to fix the problem and what they could do to ensure that it did not happen again. He learned quickly that you must be on top of things to ensure that nothing gets too far out of hand.

According to, for 22 years, Steve Ritchie has been employed by Papa John’s and therefore he knew that the people working for the company had to have someone to depend on and at that time, he was the one they could trust.

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Victoria Doramus: Creative Entrepreneur By Day And Dedicated Philanthropist By Night

Victoria Doramus is a creative entrepreneur in the digital and print media industry. She received a BA degree in journalism and communication from the University of Colorado. Victoria Doramus has an extensive resume which includes working for Mindshare, Stila Cosmetics, Creative Arts Agency, and Trendera. Doramus also spent time as the personal assistant to producer Peter Borg.

However, her professional life is a small part of who she is. Victoria Doramus has a passion for helping others. She donates a lot of time helping several charities that include the Amy Winehouse Foundation, the Best Friends Animal Society, Room to Read, and the Women’s Prison Association. Her goal is to help people to achieve their goals just like she has.

When recently asked what newest trend has her excited, Doramus replied that it was the DIY healthcare. She is an avid wearing of an Apple Watch that monitors just about everything. Doramus even purchased a step counter for her dog. By having all this information readily available allows Doramus to make important decisions about her health.

In order to maintain her productivity, Victoria Doramus gives credit to her handwritten to-do list. She creates the list every night before going to bed. Even though she loves all the different types of modern technology, she believes that there is something therapeutic about manually crossing things off the list.

Victoria Doramus is not shy about the fact that she has many failures throughout her life. But the key, according to Doramus, is to take responsibility for your own part in those failures. That was the hardest lesson for her to learn. This goes along with the advice that she wishes she was given when she was younger and that is self-confidence and self-love are two very important factors to succeeding in life.


Randal Nardone: Taking The Finance Department Into A Higher Level

The operations taking place in the finance department have changed over the years. There are several reasons associated with this change. The modern technology has been introduced, meaning that things are easily done with the use of financial software. In the traditional times, the finance department was feared because of the numbers of the difficult formulae used to find solutions. Regardless of the position given to an individual, enjoying work in this department was difficult. Things are now easier and manageable. People are enjoying their roles in this industry, although there are still several hardships. Financial experts have to focus on their education from the start so that they can land good positions in the future. Randal Nardone is a common name, especially in investment management roles. Private equity firm is his speciality, and he has accomplished so much in the recent years.

Randal Nardone studied finance because he was optimistic, just like all other young people. The businessman had a special vision, and nothing was going to hinder his achievements. With the right attitude, the American businessman knew that he was in the right path. After working for top companies in America, Randal Nardone, armed with so much expertise, resigned from the corporate world, ready to invest and start his firm in private equity firm. Before starting the venture, the businessman had to understand what was happening in the American market and what he could do to earn a comfortable living. Randal Nardone and other executives brought one of the best companies in the world, called Fortress Investment Group.

Randal Nardone has tasks to play in investment company. This is one of the features that have made him unique from all the other principals in Fortress Investment Group. The businessman has been working in the top position of the chief executive officer for the last five years. Being a principal and Chief Executive Officer of the global firms makes him quite busy and also wealthy. The billionaire list was released this year, and it was not shocking that the investor was among the top people making headlines. Randal has business interests in several other organizations too.

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Hussain Sajwani: The Brains Behind DAMAC Properties

You cannot think of Dubai’s most influential people without mentioning Hussain Sajwani. Sajwani is the brains behind DAMAC properties, a leading property development company based in the UEA. He founded the company in 2002 after the government of Dubai allowed property development companies to sell properties to foreigners. In 2013, the property development company became the first company in the UAE to list on the London Stock Exchange. That is no mean achievement, and it was all achieved through Sajwani’s leadership skills and eye-catching marketing stunts.

DAMAC has employed more than 2000 employees and has penetrated hundreds of regions all over the world. The company has delivered over 20,000 homes and has a rich portfolio of over 45,000 units at various stages of planning and progress. Did we also mention that the company also generates more than $I.9 billion in cash flow per year? Amazing, right?

So Who Hussain is Hussain Sajwani?

Hussain was born in 1953 to an entrepreneurial family that had a shop where they sold parker pens, shirts, watches, and goods imported from Asia. The renowned entrepreneur obtained a scholarship and joined University of Washington, where he pursued a degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. After graduating, he landed a job at GASCO and served as the company’s Contracts Manager. Two years later, he quit the job and started a catering company, Global Logistics Services.

Thanks to his unique marketing strategies and dedication, the catering company become an instant hit and is currently a market giant, with consistent customers, including the Bechtel Group and the U.S military. In 2002, the visionary leader founded DAMAC Properties. Like his first company, DAMAC Properties became a market giant and has since worked with numerous organizations and individuals to transform Dubai from a fishing village to a global real estate hub.

Aside from entrepreneurship, the billionaire is also a philanthropist and has donated millions to charity. He focuses on improving the livelihood of people around the globe. Hussein is also a renowned speaker. He also always ready to support initiatives that support youth entrepreneurship because he believes that young people have the answers to most problems.

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American Icon Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is an American-based television host, radio personality, and producer. Apart from being a host on the morning TV show, he also hosts a nationally-syndicated radio show, is a producer of TV shows such as “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and “American Idol” and operates his clothing line known as Ryan Seacrest Distinction.

Having recently moved to New York, he wakes up about 6 o’clock he has a morning regimen in which he takes a shower and a shave, checks the forecast of the day; he then makes his breakfast and heads to work. In his later 20s and 30s, he felt guilty of working out particularly during what is viewed as business hours.

As he grew up, he understood that the physical element is a critical element to the balance of intense work and schedule. When he was in the Bahamas for a live show, he was accompanied by a trainer. This helped him in his program aimed at keeping him fit.

His commute to work is only seven minutes since he lives on the Upper East Side of New York. He, however, chooses to use a car so that he can read on his way to work. Due to the experience that he has garnered over the years, he learned that he only could take part in so much for a particular amount of time.

Therefore, he chooses to make just one phone call interview or any other requests after he gets through the first half of the day. He believes that it is only through working, eating well and drinking wine that one can be able to enjoy life.

According to him, the ability to make broadcasting and hosting natural was through words shared to him by Dick Clark. Because of his success, he has been able to establish the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which is a non-governmental organization that is devoted to inspiring the youths of today via education and entertainment focused initiatives. Therefore, Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) is an individual who can be emulated by other individuals aspiring to be in the broadcasting and hosting industry.

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