Career Background Of Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry is the current managing director, partner and global head of investor relations at the firm Angelo, Gordon & Co. He has served at these positions for over a decade and helped make Angelo, Gordon & Co a highly reputable investment firm. Prior to working at Angelo, Gordon & Co, Henry was a member of another investment firm called Fortress Investment Group. While working at Fortress Investment Group, Henry held the same positions he holds at his current employer. Gareth has proven himself as a financial executive that is very proficient at getting clients for a firm and managing relations with them.

After completing a college degree in actuarial mathematics and statistics, Gareth Henry began working as an analyst for a financial services firm based in London. While working as an analyst, Henry spent his time calculating stock values and then providing feedback to other members of the firm. After working as an analyst, Henry then became a research specialist where he would gather information about various stock and other financial assets. These experiences would allow Henry to advance to executive level positions in the near future.

During the late 1990’s, Gareth Henry moved to the United States to take advantage of a new opportunity in finance. He would join the new investment firm called Fortress Investment Group. Once joining this firm, he would be named as the head of investor relations. At this position, he spent his time managing client accounts and making sure that they were getting the best service. He would eventually become managing director. At this position, he was responsible for getting more clients for the firm and expanding it. During his stint at Fortress, he helped expand the firm into the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

In 2007, Gareth Henry would leave Fortress Investment Group and join the firm Angelo, Gordon & Co. He would be named the managing director and global head of investor relations. Since joining Angelo, Gordon & Co, Henry has helped the firm reach a number of goals in terms of both expansion and maintaining clients. He has helped the firm maintain its reputation as being proficient at adjusting to market cycles and also getting the best returns for investors on a consistent basis.

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