GoBuyside Is Arjun Kapur’s Fix To An Issue That Was Present In Hiring:

Arjun Kapur is rightfully thought of as an entrepreneur that possesses a significant amount of vision and talent. With a master’s in the field of business administration that he obtained from Stanford, Arjun Kapur went on to work in the financial sector before founding an innovative company that he currently heads up called GoBuyside. This innovative platform is a unique way in which employers from the financial sector can locate the best available talent out there to fill their needs. GoBuyside has seen rapid growth as its business reach now covers forty cities in the United States and also ten cities across the globe.


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What Arjun Kapur noticed in the lead up to the founding of GoBuyside was the fact that the financial industry saw a massive increase in competition for the top talent in the field. At the same time, the hedge fund industry, as well as the industry of private equity both, had hiring cycles that were now shortened. Arjun Kapur realized that the end result of all of this was that both companies hiring and those looking to get hired were ending up left in a bad way. There was simply no transparency. GoBuyside is Arjun Kapur’s way to fix this issue.

The dedicated team at GoBuyside has been constantly searching for new ways to understand the factors that have an effect on the industry of private equity in terms of compensation. In the industry of private equity firm as well as the industry of venture capitalism, there has been a consistent trend where compensation has been steadily increasing. This has been going on for the past four years. GoBuyside has been working tirelessly to understand the factors that drive these trends. It is all a part of to company’s continued push to offer amazing professional services.

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