Hussain Sajwani: The Brains Behind DAMAC Properties

You cannot think of Dubai’s most influential people without mentioning Hussain Sajwani. Sajwani is the brains behind DAMAC properties, a leading property development company based in the UEA. He founded the company in 2002 after the government of Dubai allowed property development companies to sell properties to foreigners. In 2013, the property development company became the first company in the UAE to list on the London Stock Exchange. That is no mean achievement, and it was all achieved through Sajwani’s leadership skills and eye-catching marketing stunts.

DAMAC has employed more than 2000 employees and has penetrated hundreds of regions all over the world. The company has delivered over 20,000 homes and has a rich portfolio of over 45,000 units at various stages of planning and progress. Did we also mention that the company also generates more than $I.9 billion in cash flow per year? Amazing, right?

So Who Hussain is Hussain Sajwani?

Hussain was born in 1953 to an entrepreneurial family that had a shop where they sold parker pens, shirts, watches, and goods imported from Asia. The renowned entrepreneur obtained a scholarship and joined University of Washington, where he pursued a degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. After graduating, he landed a job at GASCO and served as the company’s Contracts Manager. Two years later, he quit the job and started a catering company, Global Logistics Services.

Thanks to his unique marketing strategies and dedication, the catering company become an instant hit and is currently a market giant, with consistent customers, including the Bechtel Group and the U.S military. In 2002, the visionary leader founded DAMAC Properties. Like his first company, DAMAC Properties became a market giant and has since worked with numerous organizations and individuals to transform Dubai from a fishing village to a global real estate hub.

Aside from entrepreneurship, the billionaire is also a philanthropist and has donated millions to charity. He focuses on improving the livelihood of people around the globe. Hussein is also a renowned speaker. He also always ready to support initiatives that support youth entrepreneurship because he believes that young people have the answers to most problems.

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