Victoria Doramus: Creative Entrepreneur By Day And Dedicated Philanthropist By Night

Victoria Doramus is a creative entrepreneur in the digital and print media industry. She received a BA degree in journalism and communication from the University of Colorado. Victoria Doramus has an extensive resume which includes working for Mindshare, Stila Cosmetics, Creative Arts Agency, and Trendera. Doramus also spent time as the personal assistant to producer Peter Borg.

However, her professional life is a small part of who she is. Victoria Doramus has a passion for helping others. She donates a lot of time helping several charities that include the Amy Winehouse Foundation, the Best Friends Animal Society, Room to Read, and the Women’s Prison Association. Her goal is to help people to achieve their goals just like she has.

When recently asked what newest trend has her excited, Doramus replied that it was the DIY healthcare. She is an avid wearing of an Apple Watch that monitors just about everything. Doramus even purchased a step counter for her dog. By having all this information readily available allows Doramus to make important decisions about her health.

In order to maintain her productivity, Victoria Doramus gives credit to her handwritten to-do list. She creates the list every night before going to bed. Even though she loves all the different types of modern technology, she believes that there is something therapeutic about manually crossing things off the list.

Victoria Doramus is not shy about the fact that she has many failures throughout her life. But the key, according to Doramus, is to take responsibility for your own part in those failures. That was the hardest lesson for her to learn. This goes along with the advice that she wishes she was given when she was younger and that is self-confidence and self-love are two very important factors to succeeding in life.


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