Papa John’s Is Making Changes For Customers Who Depend On Their Business

Have you noticed lately that the sponsor for the NFL has changed from the presence of Papa John’s to Pizza Hut? Do you know why they have changed from one to the other? What if I told you it was over the protest surrounding the National Anthem. When the protest began, the players took to their knees during the anthem and this caused a big commotion between the players, the NFL and even the businesses surrounding the football teams.

The problem with protests is that there is always going to be controversy surrounding the protest. It doesn’t matter if the protest is around women’s rights, sports or even businesses. For Papa John’s, the protest is not where the problem stopped. Following the backing of the protest, there was another incident which affected the business in a negative manner. However in order to correct the problem, someone had to be held accountable and for a business that employs more than 120,000 employees, they knew it did not matter what position that person held within the company.

As per Wikipedia, Steve Ritchie stood up and knew it was time that he correct the problem. He knows enough about business to know that damage control is very important if you want to be sure that there is nothing negatively holding back the business. The trouble however was already passed and the business was suffering from it.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s knew that he would have to come clean with the audience and customers to let them know that this mishap was not something that would be over looked. He stood his ground and made sure that people knew that the business was implementing changes to help counter react the problem. He hired people to come into the business and in a sense, clean house. They would offer insight on how to fix the problem and what they could do to ensure that it did not happen again. He learned quickly that you must be on top of things to ensure that nothing gets too far out of hand.

According to, for 22 years, Steve Ritchie has been employed by Papa John’s and therefore he knew that the people working for the company had to have someone to depend on and at that time, he was the one they could trust.

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