Alastair Borthwick Is More Like A Hero In Scotland

Alastair Borthwick is something like a hero throughout Scotland for all of the things he accomplished over the course of his life. Although Alastair died back in 2003, he is still remembered throughout the community as being a writer, journalist, broadcaster, and most of all a war veteran. Alastair was born in Rutherglen and started working at the age of 16 because he dropped out of school. Rather than focus on school, Alastair been working with the local newspaper company, the Glasgow Herald. It was during this time that Alastair started writing about the outdoors and the Scottish pastures, due to his own interests in hiking and the outdoors.

Author Alastair had an opportunity to work at a more prestigious news company in London, but he gave up the position due to the location, as he was more accustomed to the rural life and being in the open outdoors. In 1935, London was a growing city with major industrial growth, which made it a hectic place to live for Alastair. By 1939, Alastair was working on the radio as a correspondent. A few years after that, Alastair’s collection of works was published and released to the public, which was received very well. This book became a best seller throughout the region for its representation of the country.

More than just a writer or journalist on the Radio, Alastair Borthwick (@AlastairBorthw1) was apart of the Seaforth Highlanders as an Intelligence Officer throughout World War II. Alastair was able to see many different locations and countries during his time in the military, which eventually made its way onto the pages when Alastair was done with his service. In 1946, Alastair publishing the book titled Seaforth Highlanders, based on his own Battalion and time as an Officer for his country. Before Alastair died in 2003, he was staying at a nursing home in Beith.

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