Neurocore Contribution In Mental Health

The brain is one of the amazing organs of the body that performs a variety of functions from adapting to our surroundings, a source of thoughts and reason, perception, and emotions. The brain is mainly made up of neurons that enable us to think, feel, function and process information that is both complex and simple. The brain has been researched on by many scientists, but it is crystal clear many mysteries are surrounding it and are yet to be revealed.

To help scientists understand the way the brain functions, essential technologies have been developed. Such technologies include EEG technology, which is a test performed to detect the electrical activities in the brain by using electrodes, brain mapping, and neurofeedback. To help scientists understand the functions of the brain and use this information efficiently, companies such as Neurocore were established. They apply the knowledge gained from studying the brain in order to treat major mental illnesses and disorders such as depression anxiety, ADHD, and ASD.

The history of electroencephalogram or EEG goes as back as 1929 when Hans Berger reported his first publication on EEG. His discoveries were remarkable and paved the way for significant advances to be made in the development of clinical neurology. His innovations and discoveries are considered by many globally as the birth of theoretical or clinical neurophysiology.

Other advances that have been made in the study of the brain is the discovery of Neurotherapy, also commonly known as neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is the act of using electrical measurements of the waves found in the brain to teach the brain how to regulate itself. It involves positive reinforcement, practice, and repetition that will ultimately help our brains to perform its functions more efficiently. This practice can also help the brain to eliminate or reduce undesirable brain activities. Neurotherapy is a key factor in the treatment of depression, mostly clinical depression.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers is a company that focuses on providing brain-based, data-driven, and assessment programs, which help both adults and children in improving their concentration, management of stress and also in sleeping. Neurocore is mainly based in Florida and Michigan where it has been operating since 2004.

Mark Murrison is the Chief Executive Officer of Neurocore and is closely working with Elyse Kemmerer White who serves as the Chief Science Officer. Rick Kuiper is the president of Neurocore Brain Performance Centers.

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