Gareth Henry Sheds Light on the Common Types of Private Credit

Gareth Henry, a seasoned investment advisor, articulates that private credit is an alternative form of funding investments that cannot secure the ordinary bank credit.

However, the financial market offers many kinds of private credit, making it hard for entrepreneurs to choose a type that suits their unique business needs.

Are you one of those entrepreneurs? If yes, Gareth Henry has scrutinized the common types of private credit to help you make an educated decision.

Typical Types of Private Credit

  • Mezzanine Loans

Mezzanine loans are a debt/equity hybrid form of credit. Gareth Henry proposes mezzanine loans for small and mid-sized companies with excellent growth potential. Moreover, the credit would be an attractive option for investors who need some capital to make mergers and acquisitions. The loans carry high-interest rates due to their unsecured nature.

  • Senior Loans

Gareth Henry commends senior loans for small and mid-sized companies that are looking to fund buyouts, refinance existing debts, as well as those that wish to expand their businesses. Unlike the mezzanine debt, senior loans are secured by the company’s assets.

  • Capital Appreciation Private Credit Funds

Henry recommends this type of private credit to entrepreneurs who are in dire need of funds, yet they are unwilling to give up the control of their company to the creditor. This type of private funds contains a combination of debt and equity-like instruments, and noteworthy collaterals like liens.

  • Distressed Credit

According to Gareth Henry, distressed credit is ideal for companies who cannot access other forms of financing due to a negative credit. In this case, lenders will offer to buy the distressed company’s debt instruments. Afterwards, the lender will cooperate with the company’s managers to formulate strategies that would improve the distressed company’s productivity.

  • Specialty Finance

Specialty financing is offered by lenders who specialize in a specific niche. In most cases, the finance firms help rapidly-growing small and mid-size companies who need funds to purchase equipment, purchase future payment streams, as well as those that wish to expand their services.

The financing firms collaborate with a team of specialists who help them meter a company’s future financial health before financing it.

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Change Makers- Dick And Betsy DeVos Make Hometown Proud

Working together, Dick and Betsy DeVos make a great pair. They are both huge Republican donors and have a passion for educational reform. While Dick was working for his family’s company, he found out about a new sports and convention center planned for the area. Even though he was on the track to becoming CEO of Amway, he took the time to rally against those plans because he truly felt it would be detrimental to the city.


Grand Action Group


After making some phone calls, Dick soon found out that he was not the only business leader in the area that was against the proposed plan. With the others, the Grand Action Group was formed. They worked tirelessly trying to get the plans squashed.


DeVos Fortunes


Both Dick and his wife come from money. Their families are both rich and the couple are respective heirs to their family fortunes. However, they love to use their money and popularity for more than lavish lifestyles. The duo works to change policies in the area of Grand Rapids, Michigan and around the country. Their charitable and political contributions have paved the way for a lot of changes in state laws, labor and educational reform.


Betsy DeVos is currently the Secretary of Education for the United States under President Trump. She has a passion for school voucher programs and educational choice. Together with her husband, they opened a charter school at the Grand Rapids airport in 2003. The school started with under 100 kids the first year. Now, there are thousands enrolled in the charter school and they come from all over the county to attend.


The couple has worked hard to try and expand the option of school voucher programs in their home state of Michigan. In 2012, Dick DeVos was able to get Michigan to change from an organized labor state to a “right to work” state. This change means that there is no longer a requirement to join a union for employment.


DeVos To Join FAA On Their Top Citizen Board


Ever since Betsy became the new Secretary of Education, Dick has been travelling to Washington to see her. Now, however, he will have another reason to fly regularly to the state. Dick DeVos was appointed to the top citizen board of the Federal Aviation Administration. The board is an advisory counsel made up of private citizens who will help the senior management of the FAA. They will be able to voice their opinions and concerns on a variety of topics such as how the spending is managed, fixing regulatory issues and helping to change aviation policies.


Each citizen that gets appointed to the FAA board will serve a term of three years. During their three-year term, they are still able to commit to their private and public positions. The board usually meets every three months to discuss any changes that need to take place. The counsel is made up of 13 members and is the perfect position for Dick DeVos. He has a love of aviation and is a seasoned pilot.


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Peter Briger Makes It to the Forbes List

The world of finance and investments has helped to mold the careers of very many people. What is more, this is a sector which has created many wealthy people since time immemorial. It is a very lucrative field and cuts across all the areas of the economy. As such, professionals in this sector are sort after by many firms across the economy. They are astute business leaders capable of steering firms in any industry. However, one name remains synonymous in this sector. The name is Peter Briger. The legendary business executive is a Principal at Fortress Investment Group LLC. That is not all. He is also a Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the enterprise. For a significant time, he has served in the board of the firm. These high profile positions in the firm have given him an upper hand when it comes to making crucial decisions in this organization.

Educational Background

Peter Briger is an educated man. He is a graduate in Business Administration. He graduated with this certification from Princeton University. Additionally, he has a Master of Business Administration. He went to Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania to acquire this postgraduate qualification. These credentials have given him the much needed academic skills need to make well-informed decisions in the world of finance.


His illustrious career in the world of big business and investments began at Goldman Sachs and Co. Here, he worked for more than one decade. Peter Briger rose to the level of a partner. Hard work, dedication characterized his stay here. He offered a lot of advice to the clients who usually frequented the firm for his help. While at this investment firm, he served on the various committees like the Asian Management Committee and Japan Executive Committee. These committees offered important advice to the clients of the firm.

Career at Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger joined this firm in the year 2002. Five years down the line, he entered in the Forbes list of top 400 business professionals in the US. This was the year 2015 and was ranked as number 317 with a net worth of more than $1.5 billion. It was such a lifetime achievement which propelled his name high not only in America but also globally. Peter Briger is an excellent leader who has earned the praise of his employees. His employees describe him as an enthusiastic person who has made Fortress Investment Group as one of the best organizations to work for.