UK Charity Blog: A Sightsavers Organization

The Sightsavers organization was formed by Sir John Wilson. It is located in the United Kingdom, Hayward’s health though it has branches in Italy, Norway, United Arab Emirates, and the USA among others. It funds links formed between developing countries and the UK. It aims to ensure no blindness arises from effects that can be easily avoided. It strives to ensure people with disabilities are treated equally with others. It is a non-governmental organization, which is outstanding in the whole world. Its main daily activities are giving a hand towards any group committed to improving eye health through treating and prevention of blindness that cannot be avoided.


Sightsavers have administered treatment to more than 200 million individuals suffering from blindness and others surrounded by blinding conditions. Also, they have carried around 7 million eye operations to regain sight and have carried out rehabilitation equipping to 91,000 individuals with visual impairments. These charity blogs work to its best capacity to ensure permanent change, the establishment of local buildings to serve as health center that can be easily accessible for the appointments by the patients and maintain long life services of all health systems.

The organization offers its workers such as community volunteers, health care workers with training to equip them with quality services to clients to achieve the goal. Ophthalmic nurses are trained on how to carry out cataract surgery and tracheal to individuals suffering from ophthalmologic and optometric. Sightsavers are frequent mainly in the poor regions in the world. This gives the less fortunate individuals chance to be happy, earn for their living by learning essential skills such as herding, crafts, cultivation, and fishing.


Sightsavers have given light to the blind when the life seems dim with no hope for future. Children from poor background have acquired equal chances of treatment with others. They carry out the charity work through donations contributed by well-wishers in the world. Sightsavers is always available and willing to attend to blindness issue any time they are called upon. Their services are reliable because they offer medication after carrying out an eye examination. This is the best organization to run to when in need of eye health assistance.

Leading Charity Organizations Supported by Betsy DeVos and the Husband, Dick

Betsy DeVos assumed her new post as the United States of Education becoming the 11th person to ever hold occupy the office. Betsy is an iron-willed lady who’s spent most of her adult life fighting the course of others, notably, children from poor backgrounds. Her strong affiliation with the Republican Party in the US and her passion for introducing reforms in the private school programs in the nation must have played an integral role in her selection to the top cabinet slot. She, and the husband, Dick DeVos, get most of the credit for the massive overhaul of the Michigan educational system in the nineties. Check this related article from

Iron-Willed Reformer

The mother of four and grandmother to five came into this world on the 8th January 1958 in Holland, North Michigan. Currently, she’s worth an estimated $5.6B in Forbes Magazine as of March this year. She started formal schooling at the elite private school called Holland Christian High School before proceeding to the equally upscale Calvin College in Grand Rapids the posh Holland neighborhood in Holland. The parents were remarkably well off and she lacked nothing growing up.

Betsy DeVos Lifetime Contributions to Charity

If Betsy wanted, she could have chosen to retreat to the private billionaire cocoon and live out a wonderful and stress-free jet-setting and yacht cruising lifestyle. But that’s not her personality: This woman has a huge heart of using her great wealth and influence to make a real positive change in the lives of the middle class and poor people in any society. As of today, the power couple, the Devos siblings and their parents have dished away a whopping $130+M in the last twenty years. Here are some of the organizations which received sizable contributions directly from the philanthropy kitty of Betsy DeVos in the last three years according to Round Table Philanthropy:

  • Loudspeaker Media Inc.
  • The Partnership for Educational Justice
  • Success Academy Charter Schools Org
  • GREAAT Schools Inc.,
  • Potter’s House Private School
  • Alliance for School Choice
  • Foundation for Excellence in Education
  • Institute for Justice
  • The School of Missionary Aviation Technology
  • The Rollins and the Calvin College
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Xprize Foundation

About Betsy DeVos

Today, Betsy Devos spends a lot of time running the day to day affairs of her tech startup, Windquest Group. This company specializes in innovation in industry through tech and above all else, it strives to be a leading clean energy solution provider in the future. The company has survived and in fact thrived over the close to thirty years, it has been operation. The DeVoses are famous for their love of the performing arts. Moving ahead, the couple hopes to step up their efforts to change the American educational system and make it competitive again on a global scale.

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