OSI Food Solutions Boost Chicken Production In Spain

The international meat processor, OSI Food Solutions, has doubled its chicken output capacity in Spain. The Aurora, Illinois based multinational corporation, has accomplished this feat by way of a facility improvement. The upgrade comes after years of difficulty in keeping up with customer demand, OSI has invested €17 million in upgrading their plant in Toledo, Spain.

The Toledo facility is responsible for supplying both the Spanish and Portuguese markets. OSI Food Solutions Spain is the company’s subsidiary which operates the plant. The new upgrades will result not only in production increases but cost savings as well. Lots of new technologies have been installed to cut down on waste. Both plant security and fire safety received enhancements as well.

OSI Food Solutions Spain’s managing director, Jose Maria del Rio, has stated that the plant upgrade is welcome. He believes that it will go a long way toward bridging the gap between OSI Food Solutions previous production capacity and demand. Over the past decade, customer demand for the company’s chicken products has grown by an average 6% annually. Further justification for the €17 million investment is that the growth rate is 10% annually over the past three years with no sign of slowing down.

The investment will have the effect of doubling the plant’s production of quality chicken items. The enhanced facility will now be capable of producing 24,000 tons annually compared to its previous 12,000 tons. As part of the upgrade, the work area of the Toledo processing facility required the addition of 22,600 square feet.

The plant overhaul and expansion also included the installation of sustainable elements. These are systems and devices intended to reduce the plant’s output of pollution and reduce energy consumption. Many innovative methods are now functioning within the facility to meet OSI’s high standards regarding sustainability.

David McDonald, OSI Food Solutions chief operating officer, has declared that the investment in Spain will help the company gain market share in Europe. The enhanced capacity will allow the company’s Spanish subsidiary to keep up with their retail customers as they continue to grow together.