Dr. Jennifer Walden: Maintaining her Reign as One of America’s Leading Cosmetic Surgeons

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Texas-born and educated plastic surgeon. She left Texas to fulfill a fellowship at the Manhattan Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital and expanded her skills over the course of several years at the clinic. Walden chose to raise her children in her home state and moved back to Austin in 2011. It was at this point that the skilled cosmetic surgeon opened her own practice.

Dr. Walden has taken part in clinical trials for silicone implants, developed innovative tools to enhance surgical techniques and uses the most innovative equipment during her procedures. Given the title as one of “The Best Plastic Surgeons in America” by American Way Magazine, Dr. Walden has used her unique eye for body sculpting to build a lengthy list of satisfied clients that appreciate her talents as a surgeon, but also appreciate her communication skills and willingness to listen to their needs.

In addition to her medical work, Dr. Walden also takes part in medical panels, acts as a consultant for a variety of medical manufacturers and developers, and spends as much time as she can with her family. Walden is a frequent expert contributor on local and national news programs and consults with various beauty publications.

Dr. Walden’s practices, The Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center, The Vaginal Rejuvenation Center of Austin and the Medspa at NW Hills, offer all the latest and most popular treatments and procedures. Patients visit these clinics for face, body and breast surgeries as well as Radiofrequency treatments, the most effective injectables, and many other skin care techniques and hair restoration services.

Doe Deere: Changing the Face of the Makeup World

Doe Deere is one of the top female entrepreneurs of our generation. As the founder and creative force behind Lime Crime, she is truly a role model for many.



One of the most endearing characteristics of Doe Deere is the fact that she is incredibly unique and expresses herself unapologetically. She calls her fans unicorns because she believes they are people who were born different, are aware of it, and are proud. Doe Deere realizes that it takes a very specific kind of person to rock some of the shades that Lime Crime produces. It takes someone brave who loves to experiment with color and to express themselves to wear some of the daring hues of Lime Crime.



With that being said, it only makes sense that Doe Deere refers to herself as the Queen of Unicorns. Her daring take on makeup is quite obvious, especially when you look at various social media channels. She currently has a gorgeous red head of hair, but she is known for wearing purple.



Her past is quite colorful as well. She began her business-like ways at the age of thirteen. Doe Deere was young and living in Russia, and wanted to share her passion for temporary tattoos. She convinced her fellow classmates that they were fun and cool, which helped her to make sales. Besides, temporary tattoos were novel at the time, much like Lime Crime’s products are today.



Speaking of colorful and fun, Doe Deere spent many years of her life as a musician. When she was seventeen, she moved to New York. She lived in Manhattan for a bit of time. Then she moved to Brooklyn, which she refers to as her old stomping ground. She spent nine years of her life in Brooklyn as a musician. This was her biggest dream, and after she accomplished it, she chose to move on to the cosmetic industry. Learn more: https://www.limecrime.com/pages/our-founder



As a musician, she noticed a lot of makeup trends weren’t following her unique sense of style. That’s one of the main reasons why she started Lime Crime. She wanted her makeup to match her quirky style, rather than the boring natural looks that were available. Before the world knew it, beautiful shades of green, blue, and purple lipsticks were available for cosmetic wear. Gone were the days of boring neutrals: it was time for the world to wave hello to fun, bold colors.



Thanks to Doe Deere, we have gorgeous unicorn-inspired lipsticks, highlighters, eyeshadows, and even hair dye to turn to. Doe Deere’s creative vision has helped shape a lot of other creative makeup-lovers out there to achieve their cosmetic goals. Now the world doesn’t have to be limited to simple neutral makeup hues. It’s time for all of us makeup fanatics to put on a brave and colorful face, and we have Doe Deere to be grateful to for that. She’s truly changed the face of the cosmetic world for the better.