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Ryan Seacrest is an American-based television host, radio personality, and producer. Apart from being a host on the morning TV show, he also hosts a nationally-syndicated radio show, is a producer of TV shows such as “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and “American Idol” and operates his clothing line known as Ryan Seacrest Distinction.

Having recently moved to New York, he wakes up about 6 o’clock he has a morning regimen in which he takes a shower and a shave, checks the forecast of the day; he then makes his breakfast and heads to work. In his later 20s and 30s, he felt guilty of working out particularly during what is viewed as business hours.

As he grew up, he understood that the physical element is a critical element to the balance of intense work and schedule. When he was in the Bahamas for a live show, he was accompanied by a trainer. This helped him in his program aimed at keeping him fit.

His commute to work is only seven minutes since he lives on the Upper East Side of New York. He, however, chooses to use a car so that he can read on his way to work. Due to the experience that he has garnered over the years, he learned that he only could take part in so much for a particular amount of time.

Therefore, he chooses to make just one phone call interview or any other requests after he gets through the first half of the day. He believes that it is only through working, eating well and drinking wine that one can be able to enjoy life.

According to him, the ability to make broadcasting and hosting natural was through words shared to him by Dick Clark. Because of his success, he has been able to establish the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which is a non-governmental organization that is devoted to inspiring the youths of today via education and entertainment focused initiatives. Therefore, Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) is an individual who can be emulated by other individuals aspiring to be in the broadcasting and hosting industry.

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For the love of the music

Alex Paul was born in Westchester, New York. He started djing at the age of 15 yrs old and he worked at local clubs and events which gained him local popularity and notoriety. Although gaining local success he still thought of djing as his hobby with no endeavors to become famous within the music industry. He begin to feel as though dance music was not being paid the proper homage in the djing industry. He realized that he could bring the proper homage to a genre that he had such love and passion for through his own platform.

Once meeting Drew who is the other have of his band and band mate “The Chain Smokers”, they really had a good chemistry and decided to team up and become a duo. His talents as a songwriter and pianist have contributed to the work and success of his band “The Chain Smokers” who rose to stardom in 2014 with hits like “Selfie”. The hit rose on the billboard charts and became a breakthrough composition. In 2016 Alex rewarded his accomplishments by acquiring a stunning home in the Hollywood Hills. His home boasts luxury and comfort while embodying all the joys that nature has to bring. Life has brought some of Alex’s greatest passions full considering the fact that music initiated in his life as a hobby.

The band “The Chain Smokers” has allowed Alex and Drew to bring dance to millions of fans across the world. It has also brought a Grammy as recognition for exceptional body’s of work and although Alex doesn’t feel like his job is work at all, he is recognized and appreciated for his contributions to what dance culture has evolved into today.

“The Chain Smokers” have added an element to the djing culture that has not been there by taking step from behind the booth. They have given their fans a face to put with the music that is so beloved.

Ryan Seacrest Has One Of The Most Demanding Schedules In The Country

Ryan Seacrest is one of the busiest and hardest working men when it comes to the world of Hollywood. This is hardly a question anymore, but it is still hard to believe how much Ryan Seacrest takes on at any given time. During an interview, Ryan expressed that he regularly works at least eight or nine different jobs at any given time. This includes his work on the red carpet, his three radio shows, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, and several more.

According to Seacrest, the primary reason he is able to take on all this work and still keep his sanity is that he is an impatient person. He always wants to get his work done as fast and efficiently as possible, rarely taking breaks or stopping to even do unnecessary things, such as going out for lunch. Ryan’s day starts early as one would imagine, and he follows a specific routine each day to cover everything he needs to before the night is over. Ryan Seacrest is so used to running around all day that he doesn’t even rely on coffee or any other form of energy booster to keep him going.

When Ryan Seacrest was just 16, he managed to get a chance to talk on a radio show, which was the big inspiration he needed to start following his passion for the rest of his life. When Ryan Seacrest finally landed a position hosting American Idol, that is when his career truly took off to the next level. With nationwide fame and publicity, Ryan was able to do what he loves more than ever, go on the radio. Today, Ryan Seacrest actively participates in several different radio shows, including On Air With Ryan Seacrest.

Despite all the things that Ryan has accomplished since finding his way into the radio and television arenas back in early 2000, Ryan has a lot more that he wants to do before he decides to kick back and rest. As long as he is passionate about his work, he won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. See more about Ryan’s very own clothing line on this website

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Alex Pall and How It All Started

Alex Pall has always had a passion for music. While living in New York City he had gigs around the city that became a side job for him. He already had a main job that he did in the day but that passion for being a DJ stayed within him. The current manager that he works with now introduced him to Drew and the connection happened immediately. The two began working together, Pall quit his day job, and Drew moved to New York from Maine. This is where it all began for the two.

With these two working together a lot was being put out on the table. The had many discussions of their likes and dislikes in the music world. Pall says, “They both are aware of what was going on around them, who was killing it in the industry, and what worked and what did not.” Being aware of all this helped them to shape their identity in the industry. Pall and Drew work hard and meet on a daily basis to make things happen. The pair work hard at what they do not just because it pays bills but because it is what they love.

Pall says, “one thing we notice is that people relate to our music on a deeper level and we want that to be the case more and more.” With this being noticed the two make sure the constantly check themselves. Pall says, “It is a journey of self discovery. Trying to figure out whether something feels right or what it could entail.”

The two are in position of pressure because the fans want them to do another record and the recording label does as well. Pall says, “We are at the point where we really need to nail down who we are today and make a cohesive body of work.” They do not want a album like every other DJ album. They want their songs to be related to one another and tell a story.

The music is reaching all around the world. Pall says, “We are seeing places like South Africa and the Philistines.They enjoy the many messages and videos of fans young and old singing their music. Pall says it best, “We do not care what you look like, where you are from, or how old you are. It is just that our music makes you feel a certain way.”