Guilherme Paulus: Growing GJP Hotels And Resorts

Guilherme Paulus is an entrepreneur and hotelier who currently sits on the Board of Advisors with CVC Brasil, and is also the mind behind GJP Hotels and Resorts. Since opening first hotel in 1995, he’s grown GJP Hotels into a powerhouse, as it currently operates more than 20 hotels and resorts throughout the country of Brazil. The introduction of GJP Hotels and Resorts also proved to be lucrative to the local economy, as he currently employs over 5,000 people across all of his ventures. Prior to beginning his empire, Guilherme Paulus worked as an intern for IBM, but a chance meeting with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari during a boat trip would prove to be the stepping stone that would project his career into the stratosphere.

It was Carlos Vicente Cerchiari that introduced Guilherme Paulus to the touring agency business, as he, himself, planned to create a new business in his hometown. At the time, Guilherme Paulus did not have the capital to bring this vision to fruition on his own, but, his immense planning and work ethic, allowed the partnership between the two businessmen to flourish almost immediately, and in four years time, the hotelier and entrepreneur, was prepared to implement own vision. While most would agree that Mr. Paulus has ascended to a level seldom seen, he attributes his continued success to his overall outlook, as he always begins his day with gratitude and optimism. This level of fearlessness has engineered his “boots-on-the-ground” approach, which is backed by the belief that an idea or vision cannot be truly measured until the market is properly tested. An idea might project to be the next big thing, but, unless there is a real need for product or service, the momentum behind it will eventually fizzle out and ultimately fail.

While Guilherme Paulus often relies on his passion and personal fervor regarding his endeavors, he also pays close attention to budding forms of tech that will give his business a leg-up for the immediate future, as well as, over time. Over the years, he’s found that the massive advancements within the technology sector, have allowed him to become closer with his target consumer base, while also garnering a more complete understanding of their needs – thus, improving his business in every aspect. This growing connection is also fostered by Mr. Paulus’ will to physically visit many of his properties on a weekly basis, as this form of communication helps to solidify his relationship with employees and clients, alike.

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