Matt Badiali Clears the Air on the Legitimacy of Freedom Checks Once and for All

There are a lot of scams and illegitimate get-rich-quick schemes in the internet meant to rip you off. That is one of the reasons why people hesitate to take advantage of a viable business opportunity that comes up. Unfortunately, many Americans will be left out when people will be benefiting from freedom checks. Matt Badiali, a geologist, has come out to salvage the situation. Therefore, the future holds a lot for you because you could start earning monthly or quarterly in form of freedom checks. The opportunity was a result of America’s efforts towards energy independence. But first, let’s take a look at Matt Badiali, the man behind the discovery of this unique investment opportunity.

A Look at Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali has been doing research in the natural resources for decades and he is a specialist in mining, agriculture and energy industries. He started off as a geology lecturer at Duke University as well as the University of North Carolina. It is in his work and research endeavors in the natural resources sector that saw him meet and interact with prominent people in the sector including CEOs. Many Americans started looking up to him for research. Recently, he released freedom checks video online revealing the new investment opportunity that came to being as a result of US’s goals of achieving energy independence. Companies involved in this investment opportunity are mainly from the oil and gas industries. The U.S. companies in the sector are bound to make huge profits in the near future and transfer the profits to investors in form of freedom checks.

Is it a scam?

Well, it turns out, it is not a scam. Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) operate in production, processing, storage as well as shipping of oil and gas and they are the ones which issue the checks. There are a number of conditions that are met for a company to qualify as a MLP. Apparently, about 568 companies have qualified as MLPs and are issuing monthly as well as quarterly payments. Another good thing about the payments is that they are treated as a return of capital rather than income and therefore, they come with more tax benefits to investors. Matt Badiali has found recognition for being able to find investments such as MLPs. He has earned a fortune from the opportunity. He has also led people into making huge profits. Therefore, there is a lot to show for the viability of freedom checks.

HCR Wealth Advisors Provides Practical Advice for the Sandwich Generation

We have heard of Generation X, the Millennials, and Generation Z. But does anyone know about the Sandwich Generation? This isn’t an age group that is known for its love of baloney or peanut butter sandwiches. Instead, this group is categorized by people who fall between the ages of 30 and 50 years old who have to take care of their aging parents while helping their children go through college. In other words, their income is being “sandwiched” between their family members.


HCR Wealth Management realizes that this group has the extra burden of caring for many people within their family circle. HCR Wealth is registered investment advisory firm that works to educate clients on investment strategy and helps create personalized strategies to help clients reach their financial goals.


One thing that sandwich generation members should do is to safeguard their nest eggs for their golden years. They can accomplish this by taking advantage of their employer’s retirement plan or they can start their own independent retirement plan.


Retirement savings is a must for any person who is a part of the sandwich generation. When a middle age person has to support their children and their parents they can tend to forget about their own needs. This means they might not have the money they need for retirement or to live comfortably.


People that have to take care of their parents should thoroughly evaluate all of their parents’ economic sources. They should make this type of evaluation to ensure that their parents are receiving as much financial support as possible. Having this extra support will help to ease the burden off of their own finances. Remember, if parents have their own income it would be better for them to use it than to rely on their adult children for support.


Sandwich generation members can use HCR Wealth Advisors to reach their financial goals. The advice HCR Wealth provides will be personalized for their client’s personal situation. Sandwich generation members does not have to lose money while caring for the people they love the most. HCR Wealth Management can help them to increase their wealth while sustaining their finances.


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