InnovaCare Healthcare: Necessary Medical Coverage For Today

There are many healthcare programs in the world today as well as there being many healthcare organizations. But few of the healthcare organizations take the step up to press forth and deal with the causes facing the healthcare world today. InnovCare is one such organization that is very phenomenal in providing healthcare to the island of Puerto Rico. With competent qualified leadership, let’s take a look at just why InnovaCare Healthcare has become so popular today.


At the helm of InnovaCare Health is a team of very qualified individuals. One such individual is Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer. Penelope Kokkinides have more than 20 years or healthcare experience and she has held quite a number of executive roles amongst the healthcare environment. While she has an intense background in Medicare and Medicaid, this is one of the qualifications that has allowed her to develop a concentrated effort in providing healthcare to the island of Puerto Rico. Her many layers of experience combined with stellar education are some of the tools that she uses to accomplish the necessary goals in Healthcare today.


Quite recently, Penelope Kokkinnides and 7 other women were invited to speak with President Trump at the White House. During such meeting, Penelope Kokkinides discussed Health Care legislation as well as increasing funding for the Medicare Advantage program with Puerto Rico. With Penelope being involved in discussions, only satisfactory results can come forth. With this being the case, after such meeting, the mind-state of Penelope was one of confidence that her concerns were heard. To participate in such a panel and devote her thoughts are just more indications of just what level of commitment Penelope Kokkinides have to the island of Puerto Rico and its Health Care system.


InnovaCare is a state-of-the-art healthcare organization providing Healthcare opportunities. With such a wonderful company there are wonderful employment opportunities. There are open positions to be attained within InnovaCare, from a Member Enrollment Specialist/Manager, The Director of Pharmacy-Medical Management, or the Chief Financial Officer. These are just some of the most illustrious positions that are open to the qualified individual with the necessary educational requirements. ZipRecruiter is a top-level job search engine and the above-mentioned roles are described in detail herein. Having the qualifying background and the necessary educational attainment, opportunities to join such a phenomenal company in providing health care assistance to those individuals who require such are available to you.