The Entrepreneurial Role of Drew Madden in the Improvement of Healthcare Industry

Entrepreneurs play a significant role in the development of any economy around the world. They bring in their resources and knowledge to create goods and services which are later sold to the people. Although some industries are more attractive than others, entrepreneurs should bring their expertise and resources to revamp the fortunes of the United States healthcare system that seems to be on its deathbed. The problems facing the healthcare sector include poor adoption and usage of information technology making the system to rely on old methods which have proven to be irrelevant with time.

It is essential to appreciate the role played by Drew Madden in modernizing the healthcare industry in the country. Madden is currently the managing director and partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners, an organization that is using innovative methods to change how the healthcare services are operated in the country. One of the innovations adopted by this organization is developing management information systems that are used to store the data of a patient. This helps in understanding the history of the illness, how it is related to other family members, and the disorders facing different demographics.

Other information technology entrepreneurs should follow the example of Drew Madden by formulating innovative tools that will lower the cost of healthcare in the country. It is clear that the money spent by united states citizens is becoming too much to bear with the price of prescription medicine and other specialized treatment inflating with time. Innovative policies need to be formulated and implemented so that they can help in reducing the burden that many individuals are facing.

Another cause of alarm is that despite the exorbitant costs people are paying, they are not sure whether they are getting the right treatment. Life expectancy levels in the country seem to be dropping despite citizens in the US using more money on healthcare than citizens from other countries who have a higher life expectancy. Innovative treatment methods and new machines and equipment need to be developed to help in reversing the current trend. Information technology can offer solutions to most of the problems we are facing as a country.