Rocketship Education-Helping Students to Catch Up

Many schools in Tennessee are aware of the progress of their students but elementary students in Davidson County are in the dark. In fact, they will have to wait a whole year before getting the results back on their students’ achievements. When the rest of the results are made available in the fall, student proficiency will be the focus instead. Public schools in Nashville are tracking student progress with MAP or Measures of Academic Progress. This type of tracking provides individual student growth during the entire school year. Proficiency scores only relay information on grade level at a specific time but growth scores, also known as “value-added” scores, communicate how much each student is actually learning over a certain period of time.

These MAP assessments are being utilized in over 7,400 schools and districts all over the world. Rocketship Public Schools have been using it since they first opened their doors.

National intel has proven that students form underprivileged backgrounds tend to be behind and never get to the benchmarks that they need to be. In Nashville there are many students who struggle and a good public school is need to help its students to reach the goals that they need to achieve to have a chance at a great career and life.

Many students who are so far behind in their studies and test scores get very discouraged and even drop out of school but Rocketship Education is helping students who are behind to catch up. By improving test scores, students gain self-confidence and are encouraged to keep learning and to eventually reach their goals. It is difficult at times but not impossible.

Rocketship Education is a large network of elementary charter schools and is a non-profit organization of public schools. They serve communities that are considered to be low-income and they are trying to eliminate the gap that exists between the average student and the low-income student.

Rocketship Education was founded in 2006 and offers an approach supported by technology and is teacher-led. They provide personalized learning opportunities and engage parents to be involved in their students’ learning.