Beyond the Darkness; Paranormal Activity Taking PodcastOne by Storm

Norman Pattiz is a common name amongst those who know who the broadcasting gurus are. He is the founder and chairman of Courtside Entertainment Group, which is the creator of the internet sensation PodcastOne. His ingenuity and forethought have launched him to the head of various broadcasting improvements and advances. Pattiz originally created his start up company, Westwood One, in 1974. This humble business has since became a leader in American radio. Norman and Westwood One have had a direct impact and involvement in NBC radio, CNN radio, CBS, NFL Football, NBA Basketall, as well as the Olympics and the Super Bowl. His accomplishments and advancements have earned him various awards, as well as enabling him to hold an array of positions which are essential to the broadcasting sector.


In recent news Pattiz and PodcastOne are beginning on a new journey into the question of the paranormal with the new Podcast, Beyond the Darkness. This presentation will become available on Wrestling star, Chris Jericho’s, network. Jericho presents much more then WWE excitement on his channel, and this new podcast takes his network to the next level. Every Monday new episodes will be released on corresponding technology, including iTunes, the PodcastOne application, as well as


Tim Dennis and Dave Shrader will be hosting Beyond the Darkness and exploring the question of actual paranormal activity, as well as the beings we culturally believe to be involved in strange occurrences. They will explore the phenomenon and complex belief system centered around this by hosting actual real life experiencers as well as renowned researchers in the subject. Beyond the Darkness will actively challenge everything previously believed to be factual when it comes to all the creatures of the night.


Pattiz, PodcastOne, and the new series Beyond the Darkness are just a few reasons to tune in and turn it up. Hosting over 200 of the most popular casts on the internet, there is something for everyone no matter the preference or taste. Whether you are interested in exploring the paranormal and challenging all that you may know about ghouls to aliens and everything in between, or are desiring live and up-to-date information from Forbes; PodcastOne has it covered.

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