Hussain Sajwani Deals With Donald Trump

Hussain Sajwani is an influential leader in the real estate industry. Throughout his career, he has worked hard to deliver value to all of his customers. He founded DAMAC Properties several years ago. Since that time, he has focused on turning DAMAC into one of the leading companies in Dubai.

Dubai is a unique city with a lot to offer business owners. Not only does the town have business opportunities, but the population is growing. The average income of residents in Dubai is much higher than in surrounding areas. As real estate prices appreciate, real estate companies are making more money than ever before.


According to the National, Hussain never imagined that he would lead a real estate empire. When he was young, he wanted to leave Dubai and travel the world. However, his family convinced him to stay and work with them in the family business. His father taught him valuable lessons about the real estate industry.

Donald Trump

Before President Trump was elected, Hussain worked on multiple deals with him in New York City. Hussain enjoyed his time working with Trump on various projects, and Hussain also earned a hefty profit from these ventures.

Forbes Middle East noted that through this experience, he learned the value of having a robust network. Hussain had access to deals that other real estate investors never knew about because of this relationship. Hussain also supported Trump in his campaign in 2016.

Other Advice

As per the Arabian Business, Hussain enjoys advising people who are just starting out in the industry. He firmly believes that anyone can have success investing in real estate.

He has also taught members of his family to take on portions of the business. Hussain wants to spend more time volunteering in the local community. Not only does he donate money to schools, but he also mentors young children who do not have positive role models. Hussain is highly respected in the community due to his volunteer work.


Meet Hussain Sajwani, Dubai’s Real Estate Mogul and DAMAC Owner

Real estate is a sharply competitive industry where every player, plays to win. To stand out in the industry, which is saturated by many enthusiastic and ambitious personalities, the right set of skills is undoubtedly paramount especially if you play in Dubai. Hussain Sajwani is one man who has experienced massive success in Dubai’s real estate industry launching DAMAC Properties in 2002. It is already a tough balancing act, to make a killing in real estate, but the stakes are raised if you especially venture into luxury property development. Hussain Sajwani has taken the bull by the horns and established himself as the first among equals in Dubai’s luxury business. Through his child company, DAMAC Properties, Sajwani has successfully developed many prominent projects which inspire a state-of-the-art feeling, in major cities like London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Amman, Riyadh, Doha, and Jeddah.

DAMAC Properties has not only earned Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner, a seat among the most powerful and influential people in the world like Donald Trump but also made him a billionaire along the way. Among the top-flight projects that Sajwani has successfully seen to completion include the Trump International Golf Club where he collaborated with the Trump Organization, building luxury villas which sold out to a tune of $2 billion. His favorable relationship with the Trump Organization and Donald Trump has earned his company massive credibility and business. DAMAC Properties is publicly listed on the Dubai Financial Market has signed deals with reputable fashion and high-end luxury brands like Versace and Bugatti, making the company one of the highly traded and profitable developers.

The success of Hussain Sajwani in real estate is as a result of his sharp business acumen and the natural aura that he inspires. The fact that Hussein Sajwani did not begin his career in the real estate industry makes his success much more emphatic. His career kicked off at GASCO, an outfit of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, where he worked as a Contracts Manager.

According to, it was right after completing his studies at the University of Washington where he took a Bachelor in Arts and Science. He would later start a catering company which served a big market in the Middle East, CIS, and Africa. When Dubai’s property market was booming in the mid-90s, Sajwani took full advantage of the boom and established several hotels in Dubai to cater to the emerging population of workers and business people. Hence, DAMAC Properties was born and made him a handsome fortune in the process.

More about Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a dedicated philanthropist who is involved in some charities among them feeding and clothing disadvantaged children all over the globe. Through DAMAC Properties, he has donated vast sums of money and availed resources to support these noble efforts. He is a family man and lives in Dubai with his wife and four children.

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