For the love of the music

Alex Paul was born in Westchester, New York. He started djing at the age of 15 yrs old and he worked at local clubs and events which gained him local popularity and notoriety. Although gaining local success he still thought of djing as his hobby with no endeavors to become famous within the music industry. He begin to feel as though dance music was not being paid the proper homage in the djing industry. He realized that he could bring the proper homage to a genre that he had such love and passion for through his own platform.

Once meeting Drew who is the other have of his band and band mate “The Chain Smokers”, they really had a good chemistry and decided to team up and become a duo. His talents as a songwriter and pianist have contributed to the work and success of his band “The Chain Smokers” who rose to stardom in 2014 with hits like “Selfie”. The hit rose on the billboard charts and became a breakthrough composition. In 2016 Alex rewarded his accomplishments by acquiring a stunning home in the Hollywood Hills. His home boasts luxury and comfort while embodying all the joys that nature has to bring. Life has brought some of Alex’s greatest passions full considering the fact that music initiated in his life as a hobby.

The band “The Chain Smokers” has allowed Alex and Drew to bring dance to millions of fans across the world. It has also brought a Grammy as recognition for exceptional body’s of work and although Alex doesn’t feel like his job is work at all, he is recognized and appreciated for his contributions to what dance culture has evolved into today.

“The Chain Smokers” have added an element to the djing culture that has not been there by taking step from behind the booth. They have given their fans a face to put with the music that is so beloved.

A glance at the famous music duo, the chain-smokers

Even though they’ve been in the mainstream music for two years only, the Chain-smoker’s “sick” music productions make the world feel like they’ve been around for an entire eternity. They first broke the billboards with their smash hit, dubbed Roses early 2015 and since then they’ve been serving the world with hit after hits such as something just like this featuring Coldplay, Closer featuring Halsey and several others which have made them household names.

The music duo comprises of two producers, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart and they took over the world with the don’t let me down tune which got almost everyone singing along and had them bagging the Grammy awards.

In an interview with Forbes magazine, the chain-smokers said that even though getting such massive success in a short span can be quite demanding as it requires them to recreate something better, the duo said that they are planning to take a different lane of music and venture into the darker territory. Fortunately, their fans seem to be already there as their new hit single Sick boy received quite a warm reception after its release in January.

According to Taggart, the single is just the first installment in this new page that they’ve turned over too and that it is a reflection of the millennial generation and what happens in their world. He further added that their fans and the world at large should prep for darker music as they have a lot of good stuff for it. Sick Boy release came in barely three weeks into 2018 and two months later, it is still rocking our airwaves as it is played on almost every station.

Who are the chain-smokers?

It is an American DJ duo comprising two young DJ’s, namely, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. The duo became active in 2012 but got their big break in mainstream entertainment in 2014 after the release of the hit Selfie which made its way to the top twenty hit singles in various countries. They then went on to release Bouquet debut which featured their top hits such as Roses, New York City, until you were gone and several others. This one too did pretty well and even reached the top 10 on US’s billboard hot 100.

However, their “hot” don’t let me down is what took the show and even got them bagging the prestigious Grammy award for the best dance recording. However, they again got us dancing after the release of Closer featuring Halsey which did so well and even topped the charts. Ever since the duo made its debut into the world of electronic music they have amassed a wide fan base and their future is indeed shining brightly.