Paul Mampilly And Bitcoin Blockchain Techology

Paul Mampilly is an investment adviser. In December, 2017 he warned his investors of the Bitcoin and crypto-currency crash. He felt there was a bubble of investing in Bitcoin simply because there had been news of the rise in Bitcoin. The rise in Bitcoin did not last very long.

Paul Mampilly speaks to his readers of Investment Daily and talks about the Blockchain technology. This is the technology that encompasses Bitcoin and all cryptos. Paul Mampilly thinks the technology of the Blockchain is something his readers should think about investing in.

The reason Mampilly considers the Blockchain technology is something to invest in is because it is something that holds much information. This technology is something that uses better encryption methods than the technology on the market today. These encryption methods will one day be the only encryption methods used by banks and other organizations.

Mampilly does not believe that there were many of the miners in the Gold Rush era that got rich. He states that the people who got rich were the people who sold the miners the shovels and pans. This is because there was necessary to have the services and products sold by these people. The miners needed them to dig and pan for the gold.

There is an ETF Paul Mampilly is encouraging his readers to contribute. He thinks his readers will profit best in investing in the ETF for the Blockchain technology as was against investing in the crypto-currencies themselves. Mampilly reckons there will be a boom and a need for this technology. The need for Blockchain technology is right around the corner. The need for the Blockchain technology is already here.

He does not give the ETF by name. His videos do not permit him to. He simply explains investors should invest in this ETF and they will not be sorry. The ETF is related to the Blockchain technology that encompasses the world of crypto-currencies.

In conclusion, this article discussed Paul Mampilly and his investment predictions for Blockchain technology. The article also discussed how Mampilly considers there is an ETF for the Blockchain that is better to invest in than crypto-currencies.

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Bob Reigal, Making your Experience your Charity

Talk Fusion, perfecting the art of Business & Charity..


Bob Reina, a man of vision, devotion and dedication, has a problem. He wants two different things in life. He wants to build a Global business and a Charity business all at the same time. To be successful we are always told to pick one career, one vision, one dream and go full force into making it possible and being successful. Letting different visions overlap can a lot of the times hinder progression. But Bob Reina isn’t your everyday entrepreneur. His decision to integrate both visions became the fuel for the birth of what was to come in future.


If you don’t know where someone comes from, then you’ll never understand where they want to go. You have to take that to heart if you really want to know where Bob is trying to take his company. Bob Reina, CEO of Talk Fusion, a Communications and Innovative Tech Company, as a leader, are also the driving force in the Market Industry. Bob realized that his approach to always try and understand what a business’s needs truly are, is the most important characteristic to developing a successful partnership role in other company’s success. This comes from the desire to want to truly help others succeed. Talk Fusion is dedicated to helping other businesses communicate better in the digital world and reach beyond their customer base. His success comes from a business approach of putting philanthropy and business on an even keel.


His technique for accomplishing both charity and business successfully is described by bringing other people along the ride with you so everyone can experience the fruits of labor. He believes that the greatest good can be achieved by reaching the greatest number of people. This is one area of Bob Reina, where you can start to see his charity vision have an active place in his business. Some would say that Bob’s biggest form of charity is just the way he lives his life on a day to day basis.


Philanthropy should be defined as, Giving back to the Community, and if you went back to the community, to see who was giving back to the community, you would find a community who was giving thanks to Bob Reina for giving the community a way for them to give back themselves. Bob Reina’s inspirational form of charity is one of just paying it forward and watching how good , can bring out the good in others. That sounds like a successful business plan.


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