David McDonalds Contributions to OSI Group and the World

The premier food provider known as OSI Group is being led by David McDonald; once he graduated from college David McDonald joined OSI Group and this was a match made in heaven. He worked his way up until he reached the position he is in today. From early on, McDonald has in been interested in biology and agriculture, so it’s not surprising that he is also a member and chairman of The North American Meat Institute.

As the main leader of the OSI Group, McDonald has been able to propose and reach important sustainable goals inside the company. OSI is concerned with the impact it has on the world and that’s why they strive to create a sustainable relationship with the people, the communities, and the environment they get in contact. They reach the communities by establishing economic, social, and environmentally friendly frameworks in which they can continually operate. David McDonald’s number one goal in implementing sustainable approach was to show and offer the best practices for food industries everywhere. Moreover, these sustainable efforts have been recognized worldwide.

This company has identified their environmental impact in these different areas: waste management system, wastewater emissions, resource consumption, energy use, and air emissions. By 2010, OSI Groups expects to have reduced their water energy intensity by 10% and to achieve zero waste to landfill. OSI Group sets annual sustainable objectives and targets, then they continually monitor and control them daily with the help of their performance measurement system. McDonald is making sure to identify applicable, environmental legislative, regulatory and customer legal requirements that ensure the compliance in all their facilities.

OSI Group is completely committed to making strong contributions to the community; this company understands its role as a community leader and they encourage their employees to take part in events for the wellbeing of the community. McDonald’s desire to help has been so important that in 2014 OSI Group helped the communities of the Philippines that were affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

David McDonald has stated that OSI Group core values are the commitment to protect and ensure the health and safety for all of its employees, suppliers, colleagues, and customers or for anyone that comes into contact with the company. It’s no surprise why many Americans trust OSI Group as their main food supplier and with David McDonald’s leadership, this company has reached their sustainable goals years after years. The future looks bright for both our world and OSI Group.

OSI Food Solutions Boost Chicken Production In Spain

The international meat processor, OSI Food Solutions, has doubled its chicken output capacity in Spain. The Aurora, Illinois based multinational corporation, has accomplished this feat by way of a facility improvement. The upgrade comes after years of difficulty in keeping up with customer demand, OSI has invested €17 million in upgrading their plant in Toledo, Spain.

The Toledo facility is responsible for supplying both the Spanish and Portuguese markets. OSI Food Solutions Spain is the company’s subsidiary which operates the plant. The new upgrades will result not only in production increases but cost savings as well. Lots of new technologies have been installed to cut down on waste. Both plant security and fire safety received enhancements as well.

OSI Food Solutions Spain’s managing director, Jose Maria del Rio, has stated that the plant upgrade is welcome. He believes that it will go a long way toward bridging the gap between OSI Food Solutions previous production capacity and demand. Over the past decade, customer demand for the company’s chicken products has grown by an average 6% annually. Further justification for the €17 million investment is that the growth rate is 10% annually over the past three years with no sign of slowing down.

The investment will have the effect of doubling the plant’s production of quality chicken items. The enhanced facility will now be capable of producing 24,000 tons annually compared to its previous 12,000 tons. As part of the upgrade, the work area of the Toledo processing facility required the addition of 22,600 square feet.

The plant overhaul and expansion also included the installation of sustainable elements. These are systems and devices intended to reduce the plant’s output of pollution and reduce energy consumption. Many innovative methods are now functioning within the facility to meet OSI’s high standards regarding sustainability.

David McDonald, OSI Food Solutions chief operating officer, has declared that the investment in Spain will help the company gain market share in Europe. The enhanced capacity will allow the company’s Spanish subsidiary to keep up with their retail customers as they continue to grow together.

Freedom Check To Turn $10 Into Financial Stability

The financial industry, while full of opportunity is also a difficult area to operate in. Organizations spend years developing strategies for investors in order to reduce the amount of risk, and while new opportunities arise once in a while, most investors hesitate to offer their trust. On the other hand, many people tend to jump on new trends and find shortcuts that promise them financial prosperity, giving a platform to many scams.

Matt Badiali however, introduced a new investment program that helps U.S. investors or normal citizens grow their capital. Badiali is a geologist, having a master’s degree in earth science. During his studies he traveled the world and inspected oil fields and coal mines, and during the stock market crash of 2008 he invested in energy stocks, which in the span of 2 years earned him his fortune. He ended up selling the stocks, earning a profit of 4,400 percent.

Most people save for retirement by putting aside money from their monthly paychecks into a savings account, but while some people can save enough money for their retirement years, in a lot of cases their 401(k) accounts aren’t enough. Mr. Badiali’s program could offer anyone financial stability and prosperity, hence the name Freedom Checks.

Freedom Checks simply put, provide capital gain from investments. The returns they offer come from investments in MLPs (master limited partnership), as opposed to the usual standard stock options. Freedom Checks are legal, as they rely on Internal Revenue Code. The rules in the U.S. tax code provide MLPs with the freedom to let investors have tax advantages that would result from a limited partnership, while enjoying the benefits of company that is publicly traded.

While Badiali’s presentation of Freedom Checks made people both anxious to try it and wary of it being a potential scam, thorough research needs to be done before any investment is made. Anyone can invest as little as $10, the program offering high rate of return. However, investments should also be calculated, as Freedom Checks are not a ‘get rich quick‘ scheme, the strategy requiring a bit of dedication from potential investors.

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Peter Briger Makes It to the Forbes List

The world of finance and investments has helped to mold the careers of very many people. What is more, this is a sector which has created many wealthy people since time immemorial. It is a very lucrative field and cuts across all the areas of the economy. As such, professionals in this sector are sort after by many firms across the economy. They are astute business leaders capable of steering firms in any industry. However, one name remains synonymous in this sector. The name is Peter Briger. The legendary business executive is a Principal at Fortress Investment Group LLC. That is not all. He is also a Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the enterprise. For a significant time, he has served in the board of the firm. These high profile positions in the firm have given him an upper hand when it comes to making crucial decisions in this organization.

Educational Background

Peter Briger is an educated man. He is a graduate in Business Administration. He graduated with this certification from Princeton University. Additionally, he has a Master of Business Administration. He went to Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania to acquire this postgraduate qualification. These credentials have given him the much needed academic skills need to make well-informed decisions in the world of finance.


His illustrious career in the world of big business and investments began at Goldman Sachs and Co. Here, he worked for more than one decade. Peter Briger rose to the level of a partner. Hard work, dedication characterized his stay here. He offered a lot of advice to the clients who usually frequented the firm for his help. While at this investment firm, he served on the various committees like the Asian Management Committee and Japan Executive Committee. These committees offered important advice to the clients of the firm.

Career at Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger joined this firm in the year 2002. Five years down the line, he entered in the Forbes list of top 400 business professionals in the US. This was the year 2015 and was ranked as number 317 with a net worth of more than $1.5 billion. It was such a lifetime achievement which propelled his name high not only in America but also globally. Peter Briger is an excellent leader who has earned the praise of his employees. His employees describe him as an enthusiastic person who has made Fortress Investment Group as one of the best organizations to work for.

How HCR Wealth Advisors Helps People Connect with Wealth

Since HCR Wealth Advisors is a wealth advisory firm, they know they can do things that can help people manage their finances and reach their financial goals. They feel good about the way they treat their clients and they’ve always come up with new ideas to help their clients. And clients continue to trust HCR Wealth Advisors with the responsibility of helping them manage their financial lives.  The company also believes in educating and empowering its clients to actively participate in their financial management.  The firm does this by providing financial education, both in individual client meetings as well as regular blog posts and market updates about financial developments.  This can help clients be successful in the future. The firm also regularly reviews each client’s portfolio to ensure that the portfolio is meeting each client’s needs and goals, and will work with clients to make necessary adjustments, even in the face of difficult life transitions like death or divorce.

The idea behind HCR Wealth Advisors is to develop a close relationship with its clients so that the firm can deliver the best service in helping them reach their financial goals.  Clients understand that they can work with the firm’s advisors to help grow the wealth that they already have.

According to Crunchbase, HCR Wealth Advisors continues growing as it has established a strong reputation among its clients.  People also see the company as a way to help themselves. The firm can work closely with clients in a variety of financial situations and from a variety of financial backgrounds.  HCR Wealth Advisors offers a comprehensive suite of services to each client, whether that is wealth management, retirement planning, insurance, real estate, and business consulting.  These services help build and grow the relationship between the firm and each of its clients.  HCR Wealth Advisors is not afraid to create solutions to problems that clients may be struggling with. When they use HCR Wealth Advisors, they can get more from the company. They have an opportunity to reach more of their wealth potential, so they don’t need to worry about where they’re going to go with the options they have.

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Private Equity Investor and Aston Villa Club Owner, Wes Edens

Wes Edens is an established private equity investor. He attended the Oregon State University and later graduated with a bachelor’s in Finance in the year 1984. He kicked off his career at Lehman Brothers where he served as a partner.

He then moved to BlackRock and worked as its Managing Director and partner in the private equity department.

He began the large business, Fortress Investment Group. He co-founded the firm with Robert Kauffman, Randal Nardone and Michael Edward with $400 million in capital investment. The group is a private equity firm that specializes in asset management.

In the year 2009, he was elected the Chairman of the board of directors at Fortress.

Wes Edens later gained high expertise in private equity investment. He was thus appointed as the chief director in its equity department.

He experienced a long streak of success in the company. He helped the company acquire Springleaf Financial Services which is a subprime lender.

He confirmed the sell of his core business in January 2018. SoftBank Group Corporation based in Japan acquired the firm. The corporation bought Fortress at an astronomical cost of $3.3 billion.

It was however agreed that the firm’s headquarters would remain unmoved from New York City. Besides, Randal Nardone and Wes Edens retained their managerial roles.

Wes Edens is also an avid sports fan. In 2014, he entered a partnership with Marc Lasry to buy the Bucks basketball team. The duo acquired the club from Herb Kohl at $550 million. They contributed another $100 million to build a modern arena that would serve as the club’s home ground.

He also collaborated with billionaire Sawiris to purchase Aston Villa football club which is a championship tier club in England. The two acquired 55% stake of the club at $39 million. In a statement, he said that the focus was to make the squad stronger to make it a worthy competitor in its upcoming games.

Wes Edens is also the proud owner of the Brightline train rail system in South Florida. The train that moves at a speed of 135 mph has dramatically improved business operations in the area.


Speaking in The Right Tone: Jim Toner

Jim Toner is an established author, real estate state investor and entrepreneur. Thousands of people have benefited from his teachings. The Napoleon Hill foundation has praised him for his efforts in the self help realm literature. He has appeared on Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN to name a few. Some focuses on commonsense principles people secure their financial freedom. The sectors he uses are primarily investment real estate and writing books. He has been in real estate for a long time and also is a radio show host and consultant. Jim Toner uses a tone that is consumer friendly and not over your head. This approach has made him very appealing to the general public. He is very active in the philanthropy world. Toner as a part of many coaching groups and all of these groups he is a part have lengthy waiting lists. He starts his day at 5:30 AM to mentally prepare for his day before heading to the gym.

According to Jim, being in the gym often has helped him stupendously in his career. Whenever he has felt as if he was in the gutter, he mentions being a gym rat has pulled him out. While working out he listens to podcasts or audio books. He points out that working out and reading are two of life’s most essential components; so comparing the two garners amazing benefits. A prolific author, he spends the remainder of his day after the gym working on his books or radio programs. An organized to do list is something he praises for keeping him on task. Although Jim Toner doesn’t believe in working every hour of the day, he takes power naps at some point during his schedule. To prevent from burning out, he recommends this to those who seek his advice. He has never been one to follow trends what is excited about the podcast on the street. Toner believes this is a key factor to succeeding. Stating that everything isn’t for everyone but you can generally find a nugget or two of good information that you can immediately apply to your life.

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Why you should read Nick Vertucci’s new book

Nick Vertucci is a man who needs no introduction in the real estate industry. He is a renowned investor who has built a multimillion-dollar investment in the real estate sector. His journey to this success is what inspires many people who would like to be like him. He started from scratch without any money to invest, but over time, he grew his investments into what they are today.

Nick Vertucci has a new book that is about his journey as a businessman and investor. The new book is entitled “‘Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.'” It is the first book from Nick. This book shares important about the mindset of a successful investor. As a person who has experienced life from both ends, he knows what it feels to fail and succeed. He has experienced both sides of the coin and has drawn some vital lessons from them. When he is giving out advice to other investors, he is talking from real experience.

In the book by Nick Vertucci, there are lessons on the steps that one need to take in order to be successful. By reading the book, readers see the challenges he went through and what he did to get his life back on top. By emulating the steps he took, new investors can succeed faster than Nick did.

Nick’s wish is to see new investors make it in the real estate industry in the shortest time. He is offering advice so that they can avoid making the same mistakes he did.

Nick Vertucci has written the book in such a way that anyone who might be fearing starting investments in this sector will feel confident and move with speed to try out. He is giving confidence to the readers that they do not need to do the routine jobs when they can try something new and highly rewarding than the 8-5 jobs.

Shiraz Boghani’s Excellence In Hotel Business Management

Shiraz Boghani is one of the prominent businessmen from the United Kingdom who serves at the Sojourn Hotels LLP as the chairman and founding partner. Mr. Boghani was born in 1950 in Kenya and moved to the United Kingdom in the late 60s to pursue his university education in accounting when he was a teenager. He would later graduate and register as a chartered accountant from the Institute of England and Wales. His first job was at the Thomas McLintock & Co. in the 1980s though he later left the company when he saw an opportunity in hotel sector and decided to venture into the business.

Further, today Mr. Shiraz Boghani serves as a director and managing partner at the Splendid Hotels Group. He is also a co-founder and chairman at the Sussex Health Care Limited in which he established the organization in 1985 with his partner Shafik Sachedina. Equally important, Mr. Boghani was among the first entrepreneurs in the sector to start hotels in London as a limited service brand. Currently, his hotel brands have grown to have more than 25 projects located in different parts of the United Kingdom.

Shiraz Boghani’s Achievements in the Hotel Business

Mr. Boghani’s excellent business tactics in the hotel industry paid off when he was the awarded as the hotelier of the year during the “Asian Business Awards 2016.” What’s more, Shiraz Boghani has been able to maintain the brand’s high profile as he directs the business to follow a clear vision and growth strategy that has been very productive over the years. Besides, some of the upscale hotels that the group has include the Hilton London Bankside, Holiday Inn located in Wembley, and the Grand Hotel and Spa among others.

Shiraz Boghani’s role at the Sussex Healthcare

The Sussex Healthcare is a facility that Mr. Boghani and his co-founder established as a center for the people with some types the mental conditions and care for the elderly. The facility has over 20 branches where they are located in London and other areas around the Southern Coast of England. Furthermore, as an experienced leader and accountant, Mr. Boghani’s skills combined with his partner’s medical background have made the facility to be of a high standard, which has led the company to be even awarded for its quality services to the elderly and the mentally ill.

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Meet Hussain Sajwani, Dubai’s Real Estate Mogul and DAMAC Owner

Real estate is a sharply competitive industry where every player, plays to win. To stand out in the industry, which is saturated by many enthusiastic and ambitious personalities, the right set of skills is undoubtedly paramount especially if you play in Dubai. Hussain Sajwani is one man who has experienced massive success in Dubai’s real estate industry launching DAMAC Properties in 2002. It is already a tough balancing act, to make a killing in real estate, but the stakes are raised if you especially venture into luxury property development. Hussain Sajwani has taken the bull by the horns and established himself as the first among equals in Dubai’s luxury business. Through his child company, DAMAC Properties, Sajwani has successfully developed many prominent projects which inspire a state-of-the-art feeling, in major cities like London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Amman, Riyadh, Doha, and Jeddah.

DAMAC Properties has not only earned Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner, a seat among the most powerful and influential people in the world like Donald Trump but also made him a billionaire along the way. Among the top-flight projects that Sajwani has successfully seen to completion include the Trump International Golf Club where he collaborated with the Trump Organization, building luxury villas which sold out to a tune of $2 billion. His favorable relationship with the Trump Organization and Donald Trump has earned his company massive credibility and business. DAMAC Properties is publicly listed on the Dubai Financial Market has signed deals with reputable fashion and high-end luxury brands like Versace and Bugatti, making the company one of the highly traded and profitable developers.

The success of Hussain Sajwani in real estate is as a result of his sharp business acumen and the natural aura that he inspires. The fact that Hussein Sajwani did not begin his career in the real estate industry makes his success much more emphatic. His career kicked off at GASCO, an outfit of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, where he worked as a Contracts Manager.

According to propertyfinder.ae, it was right after completing his studies at the University of Washington where he took a Bachelor in Arts and Science. He would later start a catering company which served a big market in the Middle East, CIS, and Africa. When Dubai’s property market was booming in the mid-90s, Sajwani took full advantage of the boom and established several hotels in Dubai to cater to the emerging population of workers and business people. Hence, DAMAC Properties was born and made him a handsome fortune in the process.

More about Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a dedicated philanthropist who is involved in some charities among them feeding and clothing disadvantaged children all over the globe. Through DAMAC Properties, he has donated vast sums of money and availed resources to support these noble efforts. He is a family man and lives in Dubai with his wife and four children.

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