Award Winning AvaTrade Review Is Impressive

Who wants to trade Forex with a mundane broker when you could trade with an award-winning brand? How many awards has AvaTrade won? Learn about the award-winning Forex broker in AvaTrade Review.


Ten Years & Counting

AvaTrade has been around for 10 years and counting. It started its business back in 2006, before the capital markets almost collapsed in 2008. It has withstood the test of time.


Is AvaTrade regulated? Yes. It is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, ASiC and FSA.


You can make your minimum deposit of 250 in dollars, pounds or euros. Practice trading commodities, fiat currencies, crypto currencies, indices or ETFs using a demo account. AvaTrade even has an Islamic account.


You don’t need to try to learn an arcane Forex trading platform at AvaTrade. It offers the standard MetaTrader 4 (MT4) system. You know that signal providers will work with Meta Trader 4.


There are plenty of digital coins available at AvaTrade, including Bitcoin, Dash and Ripple. This sets AvaTrade apart from the other brokers.


Plug In Functionality

Experts like the fact that you have plenty of plug-in functionality at AvaTrade. You can plug in Mirror Trader, ZuluTrade and RoboX. These automate or mirror trades to give you more consistency and speed. You can modify the API to your exact specifications.


AvaTrade has AAA customer service according to Broker Notes. This is due to the multiple languages supported in live chat, phone or email. You can get a question answered quickly.


Consecutive FX Empire Awards

The consecutive AvaTrade awards from FX Empire from 2013 to 2016 are also a nice feature. These included “Best Broker” awards. The system is easy to use and popular.


All in all, the latest AvaTrade Review found a very simple, straightforward Forex trading platform. It offers some of the most popular assets and an award-winning platform for success. You can make money anytime on AvaTrade.

Ryan Seacrest Talks About His Big Break In Showbiz

With tv shows, radio shows, red carpet events, a line of formal menswear, and a production company Ryan Seacrest is the busiest person in Hollywood. He says he gets up each day at 5:00 a.m. or 5:15 a.m. and by 6:00 a.m. he is on the radio. During his day he makes sure he does work out at some point each day, something he admits wasn’t a priority for a while. He says it is because he is inpatient that he gets so much done each day.

Ryan Seacrest said in an interview that he considers getting to be on the radio when he was 16-years-old. He said he considers this his own personal big break. However, the real break occurred when he was chosen to be on American Idol. The show turned into a cultural institution and propelled his fame internationally. He said he took advantage of this by building his own brand and expanding his businesses. Because of American Idol he was able to get meetings with people who wouldn’t have talked to him before that.

Ryan Seacrest grew up in Atlanta and attended the University of Georgia. He says he had an opportunity to head to California and if he didn’t take it the chance wouldn’t come again. So, he dropped out of school and moved. He said he promised his parents that if he couldn’t support himself within a year he would move back.

He became a host in 1993. His first show was Radical Outdoor Challenge which appeared on ESPN. He soon founds jobs hosting some children’s shows including Wild Animal Games and Click. In 2000 he was chosen to host Saturday Night Movie on NBC. He was also hired to host another show called Ultimate Revenge in 2001 which was a reality tv show.

During the first year of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest had been the co-host with Brian Dunkleman who is a comedian. The next season he was the only host as Dunkleman decided to move on. He has now hosted many shows such as the annual New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

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Madison Street Capital – Recap

Madison Street Capital has made its name by serving the invest needs of mid cap corporate America. The Organization is valued at $50-100 million and this is the price range where many corporations are striving for success. There is strict competition to make it to the top and Madison Street Capital prides itself on being the best firm to do the job. They are known industry wide for their integrity, expertise, and experience. The company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and they serve some of the top executives in the country and around the world. The city serves as the perfect hub for meeting and greeting their clients and courting them in a professional environment.


Being well versed in the intricacies of corporate finance, Madison Street Capital has made it their sole mission to provide their exclusive clients with the best results possible pertaining to the financial markets. Their track record with obtaining the best results anywhere from heir impressive portfolio of hedge funds, ETFs, stocks, options, and bonds has been the cause of many clients’ wealth. It is intriguing to see how they have been able to achieve these financial victories. They are creative and innovative in their investment approach, that is the prime reason why their clients love and respect them so much. They have expert knowledge in areas like corporate governance, tax, bankruptcy, asset valuation, liquidation, acquisition, and mergers.


They have offices all over the world an serve clients in multiple countries. Madison Street Capital serves Ghana, India, Chicago, and Oregon. Their global approach to business makes them a force to be reckoned with, so when companies are looking for someplace to invest in they are positive they made the right choice. Their tax planning and wealth preservation department serve their clients by allowing certain clientèle the privacy of managing their funds to obtain the most favorable financial position in the eyes of legislative entities. Madison Street Capital has recently announced their software division, DCG Software value. This division is a world leader in software analytics and has recently undergone a merger with Spitfire Group. Their software utilizes the latest technology to address everyday business obstacles. They serve their clients by offering analytic services, big data, and project support.


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Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is noted to be an international lawyer and diplomat. He has been the Israeli ambassador to the UK, and joined the Israeli Foreign Ministry in the 1990s. This was his opening into Israeli diplomacy. He also has credentials as an international writer and lecturer. His area of expertise is international law and negotiation theory. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

He also served as speech writer for former Israeli President, Chaim Herzog. Taub has articles published in several news dailies including “The Huffington Post”, “The Guardian”, and “The Telegraph”. He has written extensively about Israel from a religious and political standpoint.

In a November 2013 article published in “The Independent News,” Daniel Taub voiced genuine concern resulting from the Geneva Deal signed between Iran and other nations. He felt this accord failed to address Iran’s military program or nuclear proliferation. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

Moreover, shortly after the accord was signed it became apparent that in principle, Tehran and the signing nations differed on interpretation of some key terms. Daniel Taub viewed Iran’s interest in achieving long-term stability in the middle east with skepticism as a result of the noted difference in understanding.

In the article, Daniel Taub suggested that the Jewish state may assess its options in how to best deal with the Shia alliance that extends from Tehran to Beirut to as far as the Gaza. He feels a viable option is for Israel to cultivate relations with numerous Sunni nations or gulf states.

Iran and the Shia alliance may share in common the desire to make good on its threat to abolish the Jewish state, if necessary by nuclear means. Israel and the Sunni nations would obviously feel the devastating effect were such a threat realized. Finding areas of mutual cooperation, according to Daniel Taub, are the basis for building relations between Israel and Sunni countries.

Daniel Taub adheres to the diplomatic ideal to work in areas where achievement is possible.

His work as an ambassador involves political dialogue, academic engagement, business and technical cooperation and faith community participation. These areas each require identifying efforts that are possible to realize with others of like mind and diverse opinion.

Securus Technologies Keeping the Threat of Drones at Bay for Prison Facilities

Securus Technologies has finally a found a solution to the issues caused by the illegal and mischievous use of drones to transport contraband items inside the prison. The new drone detection technology by the company would ensure that no drone goes undetected and that the corrections space continues to remain safe and secure. Securus Technologies has promised to develop the technology to its fullest potential further.


If the use of drones is not stopped to supply contraband packages to prison, the inmates will continue to get whatever they want with ease, irrespective of the tight security they have at prisons. In many of the prisons, the inmates are even found to have knives and guns, thanks to the deliveries done through drones. The drones are a highly useful ethnological invention, but the criminals are using it to deliver illegal items inside the prison, and it must stop if the corrections space has to remain safe and secure. The law enforcement and corrections agencies have been trying to find ways to prevent the menace caused due to this new air supply route opened by drones. However, nothing seems to be effective so far.


However, the drone detection technology by Securus Technologies has changed all that. The drone detection technology, even if it is in its primitive stage, has shown quite promise as a full-fledged technology that is capable of stopping the drones from entering the prison space. As soon as the drone enters the perimeter covered by the drone detection technology, the corrections officers would know who would then immediately move to neutralize the drone and seize any contraband item it might have. Such technology would ensure that drones are no longer a threat to the prison. Thanks to Securus Technologies, the drone detection technology would soon be available for all the prisons to install and use.



The Charitable Leader Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is the President, CEO, and chairman of Nabors Industries Ltd located in Hamilton, Bermuda. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematics from Yale University. He also received his J.D. degree from Harvard Law School. In 1979, he began his career at the law firm Baker & McKenzie as managing partner. He then began working for Nabors Industries in 1991.

Nabors Industries is a leader in oil and gas drilling and controls the world’s largest drill rig fleets. They specialize in land drilling, offshore drilling, specialty rigs, rig equipment, drilling technology and directional drilling. The company was founded in 1952 by Clair Nabors in Alaska and has grown into an international success providing oil and gas drilling contractors to the entire world.

Since becoming successful, Petrello has started giving back and contributes to charitable organizations. His daughter was born prematurely and suffers from cerebral palsy. He supports the Neurological Research Institute in Houston, Texas in an effort to improve treatment options. He has donated $50 million to the institute and helped them become an established medical facility. He is also a member of the Texas Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees. He has created a $150,000 endowment honoring his deceased friend Serge Lang at Yale University. This endowment will be given to outstanding mathematics students.

During Hurricane Harvey, Petrello assisted his community by allowing employees to help and donated $173,622 to the relief fund. They named the charitable effort the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund. The employees participated by providing hot cooked meals three times a day to families. Petrello has donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Bike MS and has donated over $3 million to employees children of Nabors Industries for education scholarships.

Recently, Anthony Petrello invited Tommy Tune to his home to welcome him back to Houston. Tommy is a native of Texas and attended Lamar High School. He is a Tony Award winner and has starred on Broadway in “Grand Hotel,” “The Will Rogers Follies,” “A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine,” just to name a few. He was greeted with a party at Petrello’s house that included cocktails and appetizers.

Even though, Tony Petrello struggled as a child he never gave up and worked hard to achieve success. His tenacity has paid off, and he now leads the world’s largest provider of oil and gas company.

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Dr. Mark McKenna: Building Lives and Enriching Hope

Dr. Mark McKenna experienced the worst disaster of his life during the destruction and chaos of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. With uninsured properties that got devalued and lost profit as businesses were stalled for months pending the rebuilding of the whole area, the catastrophe led him to re-evaluate his focus and vision. After assisting the victims towards rebuilding their lives through affordable housing redevelopment, he realized that the real estate industry cannot thrive when damage is so immense.

How Visions Were Created One After Another

Dr. Mark Mckenna was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. He took up medicine at Tulane University Medical School and eventually became a licensed physician and surgeon under the validation of the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners and the Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners. It was during his time at Tulane when he discovered his inclination towards the real estate business. After practicing medicine for a while, he ultimately joined his father in the real estate industry.

During the first phase of his venture, he started a mortgage company that eventually became a stable firm. Through his unwavering dedication and passion for the industry, he finally became the founder and CEO of McKenna Crescent Investments, Uptown Title, and Universal Mortgage Lending. His visions began to turn clearer as more opportunities came knocking on his door.

A Blessing in Disguise

When he decided to practice medicine again, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia around November 2007 where he crafted ShapeMed into existence. The business offered various cosmetic treatments such as laser hair removal, weight management via nutrition analysis, and the widely sought after Botox injections. ShapeMed became the pioneer non-surgical aesthetic center in Atlanta and gained full support from patients who believed in the values that the clinic promoted.

The Venture Continues

Dr. Mark Mckenna has never stopped pursuing his passion and making his vision a reality throughout his career. With the launching of OVME, he has changed the landscape of aesthetic medicine again. The focus of OVME is to offer elective healthcare so that patients have the privilege to get treated through the use of the latest technology in the comfort of their homes. Dr. Mark Mckenna and the aesthetic doctors at OVME can perform the procedures even after virtual consultations.

Tony Petrello Of Nabors Industries Supports Charitable Projects

Most Americans would agree that people employed by the oil industry are considered wealthy and self-centered. These traits do not fit into Tony Petrello’s characters as he is involved in numerous charitable projects. Petrello is the serving chief executive of Nabors Industries. He joined the company in 1991.

Serving as the president at first, he streamlined the structure of the organization for maximum productivity. Tony Petrello later earned promotion as the chief executive officer. He contributed to the growth of Nabor’s Industries in many ways including hiring competent professionals.

Before joining the employment industry, Petrello was a student at the prestigious Harvard University. He later joined the Yale University. Tony attained a degree in law and mathematics. With the two academic credentials, he was able to land employment in a good firm. The first firm he worked for is Baker & McKenzie. He served as the managing partner for five years.

Tony left Baker and McKenzie for Nabors Industries. In 1992, he was appointed the president of Nabors Industries. He was industrious hence a promotion to deputy chairman. In 2012, Tony Petrello became chief director of the board. He also landed an executive position at Stewart & Stevenson LLC. He was appointed the director.

Tony is a leader by default. He utilizes talent and leadership skills to improve people’s lives. He loves people. That is why he is linked to charity. Tony Petrello loves kids. He works for the Texas Children’s Hospital as the director. He commits part of his earnings to the hospital as well.

Petrello is charitable. His input to people’s lives will be a legacy in history. He is compassionate and kind to share his income with the less fortunate in the community. Petrello exudes a benevolent act to many unfortunate people. Recently, he rallied Nabors’ Industries employees to support victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey attacked Dallas in August 2017. Most residents were left homeless on the brink of death. Reports from the National Hurricane Centre indicated that about 1,000 lost their homes. Petrello and his team cooked for victims. They also opened an open kitchen space for their use. The avid donor has also worked with other charitable foundations to provide scholarships for students from low-income-earning families.

How Did It Begin?
Petrello became a father to Carena eight years ago. She was a premature baby. This situation instilled panic in the family. Petrello was worried for his daughter’s well-being as she was diagnosed with a neurological condition. He researched the condition and headed to Texas Children’s Hospital to seek treatment.

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Betsy Devos talks the importance of free speech

There is very little doubt that when Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos talks about how timely and serious the issue of free speech is, she knows what she’s talking about. DeVos has worked in an administration that some people have said has largely ignored free speech in some instances. That includes when President Trump called people who didn’t applaud his State of the Union, traitors to the country. Democrats howled that he was basically stomping on their ability to have that free speech. During that particular row, DeVos was largely silent. Of course, it wouldn’t have made a ton of sense for the secretary to weigh in on that sort of thing. This particular discussion had nothing to do with schools or college campuses.


At last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)DeVos did speak up and told people exactly what she thought of the accusations that there were people who were drowning out fee speech on college campuses. That has been a topic that has been hot for the last couple of months and it appears this is the first time DeVos has specifically waded into the issue. While she was on stage, she made that comment that “seen more and more examples on college campuses in recent years of shutting down free and open expression and debate around ideas.”


There was a time when that debate and the exchange of ideas was something that was more often thought about conservatives doing that to liberals. These days, it appears that liberals are doing that to conservative students on campus. There have been reports that conservatives have felt as though they were being persecuted by liberal students on liberal campuses. Some of those reports have since been found to be a bit over the top. Other reports appear to be real. The election of Donald Trump has led to some liberal students taking out their anger on conservative classmates.


Talking to the CPAC crowd, DeVos has said that she went to school in order to learn and exchange ideas. She added that higher education should always be a place where people are working to exchange free ideas, rather than attempting to stomp out those free ideas. It appears as though DeVos and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have been teaming up in order to tackle free speech on college campuses. Under Session, the AG’s office has been investigating the claims that there have been people trying to stop free speech.


At CPAC, DeVos made it clear that she wanted to make sure that colleges are always going to be a place where people can speak freely as long as she is the secretary of education. The problem, some of her enemies might claim, is that there is going to be a difference of opinion as to how the free speech is going to be protected under the Trump administration. There are some who wonder if she might be going too far the other way. DeVos struck an optimistic tone when she was speaking, saying “good ideas are going to win.”


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How Ambassador Daniel Taub Brought Israel And The UK Closer Together

Daniel Taub served a four-year term as the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom. His term was from 2011 to 2015 and it was broadly considered a very successful term which brought these two nations closer together and from which both benefited.

During his term trade between these two countries doubled and they also established closer ties when it came to academics and culture.

One of the things that he pushed back against during his term was an anti-Israeli sentiment among some groups in the UK. He had a big concern about what was going on at college campuses where the atmosphere was particularly concerning to him. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

He stressed that all viewpoints should be able to be freely expressed. When the MP of Bradford West, George Galloway, proclaimed that he wanted his area to be an “Israel Free Zone”, Daniel Taub made it a point to soon after visit that area and hold talks with various parties.

He was born in Great Britain and earned both a bachelor’s and a law degree at the University Colleges in both Oxford and London. He also graduated from the Kennedy School of Government which is administered by Harvard University. After this he moved to Israel along with his family.

After he arrived in Israel, Daniel Taub joined the Israel Defense Forces. He was a combat medic initially and later served as a reserve officer. During this time he also wrote speeches for the then-president of Israel, Chaim Herzog.

Prior to being named as the UK ambassador, Daniel Taub had worked for several years for the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

He has been a legal advisor a number of times, such as when Israel has made missions to the United Nations. Another position he has held is as the Principal Deputy Legal Advisor. Today he is a director for the nonprofit Yad Hanandiv Foundation.

Daniel Taub is also a writer. He has written articles about Israel as well as the broader Middle East for many publications around the world. He also wrote a book that showcased his thoughts about diplomacy and how it is best carried out.

Additionally, he created a tv series called Hechatzer. He was the chief scriptwriter for this show which took as its setting the ultra-orthodox Hasidic sect and their lifestyles.